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Negativity (and Anger) In Part 15

I see it a lot on  As well as here.

It seems that someone is always perpetually angry and railing against individuals or something in the world of radio, and Part 15 in particular.

Whether it's corporate radio, the greedy licensing bodies, the NAB, the Part 15 rules, FM trolls. supposed 'pirates' or even 'saving radio', the results are the same.  There's always something wrong.

And you know what?  There is.  Always.  It's that way everywhere and in anything.

New Encodes of 16 Inch Transcription Records

I just purchased a vintage transcription phonograph, capable of playing 16 inch transcriptions - it's a Califone 6U-7C Executive II with a self contained tube amplifier. At first, it had a horrible hum, but its origin was tracked down to the AC outlet it was plugged into - I switched it to a different outlet, one on a separate circuit, and the hum was greatly reduced.

I also have hundreds of 16 inch transcriptions that have sat idle for some time.

Artisan Radio is Returning

... for the winter, while I'm at my home base. A little smaller in scope (mostly vintage jazz, 50's & 60's & Old Time Radio). I've grown used to listening to my own station, and after attempting to find something else in the licensed world that will compare, I've given up.

I'm now in the process of setting up my automation computer - shortly after Artisan Radio went off the air prior to my recent RV trip, the that computer went phfffft! How's that for timing?

So, the Best Music That You've Probably Never Heard will be back shortly.