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How I made $1000+ in a weekend using the best poshmark bot

How I Made $1,635.15 Within 3 Days
Selling On Poshmark, And You Can Too!
Closet Clear Out (CCO).

Selling on Poshmark can be frustrating, especially for newbies who are just finding out the platform.
Poshmark has numerous nooks and crannies, its simple to obtain lost among all the closets, clothes &.
more skilled Posher's vanquishing all of the competitors. It can seriously make all those hours.
of listing clothes & taking images seem futile!

Prior to you snap ... I have to tell you, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

I am going to show you a golden nugget that will assist you when it pertains to selling on Poshmark.
It's called the Closet Clear Out!

Closet Clear Out (or CCO) is a terrific method to move inventory and make some quick money. The first time I.
participated in Closet Clear Out I sold an incredible 24 products, and made $1,635.15 within 3 days!

To take part in Closet Clear Out you must decrease the cost of an item by 10% of its historical.
price. Let's say you when noted a product for $50 but raised the price to $60, you must lower your.
product to $45 (10% of its historical cost) to receive CCO.

When you have reduced your products by 10%, everybody who had formerly "liked" your item.
will receive a notification/email informing them of your recent cost drop and providing them.
discounted shipping on your item.

Honestly, $6.49 shipping on a $10 shirt could be an offer breaker, that's why CCO is the time to get those.
reduced shipping offers out to your purchasers. Discounted shipping is just available for 1 hour.
after lowering your rate, so I suggest raising and reducing your price several times during CCO.

Another thing I offered a couple of potential buyers was to make a brand-new - listing of the product they desire,.
have them "like" it and immediately lower the cost for them so they get the reduced shipping.
offer immediately.

I sold lots of items that way and made my purchasers feel appreciated and essential.
CCO is only legitimate for products that have a last rate of $10 and up.

You should bear in mind that Poshmark takes their 20% eliminated of your sale so if lowering.
your item by 10% of its historical cost might be too low for you, you can erase your listing,.
relist it at a rate you might feel comfy decreasing by 10% so when CCO comes back.
around you can get involved and get your closet that extra attention.

And when your all set to share your listings, use Poshmark Pro Tools, the very best Poshmark Bot - !