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The LPFM Saga...

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I'm a couple months into the LPFM adventure.  As reported we got our application in just under the wire.  Within a few weeks we received confirmation that the construction permit was granted.

I have requested WCFO as the station call which identifies with our City of Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.  I should hear something back on that request very soon now.  There are no other FM's with that call and only one AM in Georgia with that call which should not be a problem.

Kevin Smith-14 August 2013

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The Kevin Smith Show-Talk Radio Like Nowhere Else On Earth.

Kevin passed away from complications of heart surgery.

I carried Kevin's show on MRAM 1500 for several years.  He will be missed.

His friend and sometimes co-host, Jerry Wills, presented a memorial show.  You can listen at:


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The next regular meeting of The ALPB will be Saturday, August 17th at 9:00 pm Eastern Daylight Time.

We have had a few people request info about the ALPB in the last week, expressing an interest in joining the group.  I hope to see (or rather hear) them at the meeting.

If you haven't joined yet, check out for links to The ALPB Charter and TeamSpeak 3 Client download.  Then let me know you would like to become a member and I will email the TeamSpeak server address and password to you.