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Hey gang!! Here's what's happening at WDXD.

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Since officially signing WDXD-LP 101.9 on the air full time last summer (7/27/2015) life certainly got much busier!

The LPFM signal, with 33 watts ERP with an antenna at 169 feet, covers a large part, but not all, of the Tallahassee market. The signal reaches three counties in Florida: Leon, Jefferson, and Wakulla. Best coverage is within 6 to 8 miles of the transmitter site, but interestingly enough, when the weather is overcast, it has been heard as far as Panacea, Fla., just over 30 miles to the south.

WDXD update - Oct. 2014

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"It seems so close - but yet so far" would be an accurate description of the emotions I feel as we inch closer to the on-air signing on of WDXD-LP 101.9 here in Tallahassee.

Finding sponsors and donors has been challenging. As of now I have roughly $8,000 invested in the station. A brand new double bay antenna has just arrived. The tower site field has been recently mowed and mstly cleared. I am awaiting the quote from the tower man, who will be constructing our 180 foot tower.