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No Thanks Givin?

After a week of allowing my forum's library resource being publicly viewable, and tracking and tracing IP's to who and where, not a single one from here offers up any kind of thank you's??

One of the reasons why it is now locked down to members only and leech and hotlink protected at the host!

I know who downloaded what and when and where they are. Sad man..just sad.



Real World

Life is not a simulated circumstance. If it was, we all could simply simulate riches and happiness and eliminate hunger and wars and hate.

The other side to the coin...when proof of real world circumstance is given in large quantities..practically every single day..there are those who still tuck the head into the sand and pretend a reality.

Either it is a mental issue, or simply a fear issue of what really is and hiding is preferred.

Tragic Thursday In The West

During a Veterans recognition parade held in Midland Texas, a flatbed tractor trailer carrying wounded veterans and their families was struck by a freight train, killing 4 and injuring 16. Pictures of the scene and story .

And now for a comment. This comment is not necessarily the opinion of Part 15.us or any member but myself.

I lived in west texas (Odessa) for 22 years. The freight train route runs through the south section of both Midland and Odessa with two runs of track for two-way train traffic.

Finding Facts By Motivation

Recently there were some unjustified and unprovable accusations made that gave reason to "dig deeper". Well I have dug a lot deeper and found some very interesting facts.

C-QUAM And You

Who remembers the huge fiasco created back in the 80's with the "format wars" between Beta and VHS, AM vs FM, oh and yes, Motorola vs Magnavox vs Kahn-Hazeltine vs Harris??


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