Oompah Hour $156

It's the three year anniversary for the Oompah Hour, with show #156!

Some silly songs in the lineup this week -- the singing wabbits are back, as are thePowder Puffs Orchestra.  Enjoy!


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Tim's Oompah Hour #156 Week of March 18 - 25th 2017

Polka DJ (Theme) Dick Pillar

Barbara Polka – Romy Gosz

Lift Lackawanna Polka – Walt Jaworski & His TV Orchestra

Liechtenstein Polka – Lawrence Welk

Don't Be Cross Polka – Whoopee John Wilfahrt & His Orchestra

Ole Pappy Time – Cousin Fuzzy & His Cousins

Let Me Call You Sweetheart Polka – The Polish Kid

Rooster Polka – Powder Puffs Orchestra

Karen Marie Waltz – Kenny Bass & His Polka Poppers

Red White and Blue Polka – Bernie Goydish & His Tic Toc Orchestra

Nightingale Polka – Li'l Wally

Old Gray Mare – The Singing Wabbits

The Last Time I Saw Henry – Frankie Yankovic & His Yanks

Sky Blue Waters Polka – Babe Wagner Band

Skirts – The Mom and Dads

Beer Barrel Polka – Shay Torrent & His Happy organ

I Wish I Had a Sweetheart – Li'l Richard

Wally's Polka – Ampol Aires Orchestra

Polka DJ (Theme) – Dick Pillar

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Congrats on the three years. 

I suspect that one, maybe two of those band names are suggestive.  Makes me wonder if they have groupies. I bet Welk did! Sorry in advance about the non-sequitur ;)




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Cheap at twice the price!  ;)



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Twice a day on WLSL-LP. 11AM and 6PM (For the Church Folks)  Sundays. Great Show as always.

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I applaud you on your tenacity!  It takes effort to go do something every week.  I have contemplated doing a weekly show.  But that would be assuming someone would want to hear it.  It would also assume that I would be able to commit to the time needed to do it every week. 

As it is, I almost do.  I create several 15 minute segments for my Friday Nite Follies show every week.  Their total time is at least an hour weekly.  I do the same thing for the Saturday Nite R&R and Doowop show.  

Perhaps I should piece them together...


Working on getting our small town of <4000 local programming.