Buy More Power

Your legally authorized low power radio station has excelllent programming but a disappointingly limited coverage area. You do not plan to run illegal power levels. But is it hopeless?

Take a look at the nighttime powers of local AM stations. Around the land there are stations with nighttime authorizations as low as 1 Watt.

It is unlikely that stations with extremely low nighttime power want to invest money in those hours and equally unlikely there can be a monetary return.

Step into the gap and lease the overnight air time and run your format at the, to you, higher power that you've dreamed about.

It might be a win-win.

Time Brokering on Radio

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I'm amused that their example of brokered time for a music program uses polka as an example:


"Brokered programs are not exclusive to talk radio; music radio programs can also be brokered. The brokered format, popular among specialty and niche music formats (i.e. polka music), usually involves the show itself lining up its own advertising and paying the station for its airtime."

The Oompah Hour lives on 23 stations across the nation.  We have a deal with those stations.  We don't pay them, then don't pay us. Fair enough!


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Yes, Tim in Bovey has worked deals to spread the cause of polka without a bank loan.

In my market the lowest nighttime power is 17. 9 Watts, 8 miles from here, which I can receive at 690 kHz at night. They load the time with Jesus, but my money might be more than his, as I understand he is always short on cash.

Oh, but I forgot to say, I have no interest in being heard with more power... I am looking out for our many members to whom it matters.

Look around your market and see what you can find.

Atrain Radio has worked deals with WCFI Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio and WBCQ Monticello, Maine.

Carl Blare