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Mixer advice


I'm trying to deside what mixer to buy should I buy old ones are up to date new ones the hold ones I'm looking at are thes 

Radio shack ssm-60 4 channel audio mixer with tone control

The Radio Shack SSM-1200

Realistic 32-1100A 4-Channel Audio Stereo Mixer Console +AC/DC converter adapter

Thanks for any advice 

Experience at KDX

Experience at KDX

We have a Radio Shack 32-2056 Mixer that needs repair and definitely plan to fix it because it produces excellent audio quality.

Meanwhile we are using a RU-MX4 Professwional Audio Mixer from RDL (Radio Development Labs) which is versatile and wonderful.

Carl Blare

New Mixer Looks Good

Progressive Concepts just sent us an e-mail showing a new audio board that really looks attractive.

See It For Yourself

By the way, KDX got its Decade GP32 FM Indoor Antenna from Progressive Concepts.

Carl Blare
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