About Us

Our name 'part15.us' is a tribute to the particular section of regulations that govern low power, unlicensed broadcasting in the United States, but our membership and topics cover areas across the globe including Canada, New Zealand and many others.

We welcome you to join and bring your perspective from your corner of the globe!

What is Low Power, Legal, Unlicensed Radio all about?

Around the world, broadcasting is tightly controlled by government regulations designed, among other things, to ration a limited quantity of available frequencies. In addition, broadcasting is a communications medium with incredible reach potential and governments maintain authority over broadcast media.

To become a broadcaster, one must meet all the regulations and in so doing, they get a 'license' to broadcast. In many jurisdictions around the world however, broadcast regulations include a category for broadcasting that does not require a license.

This unlicensed category is typified by restrictions on broadcast power - in essence, you can run a radio station without a license if you can't transmit very far and if your transmission doesn't impact 'other' broadcasters in your area. There are still regulations that one must meet to broadcast in the 'unlicensed' category, but they are different and more limited than a licensed broadcaster and come with restrictions on the type of equipment you can use to broadcast.

To quote the Wikipedia article: "In the U.S., Part 15 is an often-quoted section of Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules and regulations, mainly regarding unlicensed transmissions. It is a part of Title 47 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), and regulates everything from spurious emissions to unlicensed low-power broadcasting."This website deals mostly with unlicensed low-power broadcasting!

Whether you are a broadcasting veteran or NEW to Part 15 Radio? Welcome! Here you will find a warm community to help get you going and answer your questions.