In its infancy, ALPB Charter members have discussed issues and ideas related to the organization of ALPB.

Drawn from the originator of ALPB, Joe Martinez, and the charter members, the following document was produced. This document embodies the ideals and desires of the Charter members.

The ideals of this document shall remain as the birthing of ALPB.

Amendments in the form of changes or additions shall be accepted by a vote of the members maintaining a live document.

A draft of this document is presented below current as of 12/11/03:


The Association of Low Power Broadcasters


The ALPB mission is to improve radio broadcasting, bringing radio back to the people.


Individuals with a desire to improve the state of radio broadcasting may join ALPB by petitioning ALPB. Applicant agrees to operate their radio station in a manner consistent with applicable regulations governing their location. Failure to do so may result with suspension of membership Members are required to remain current with ALPB activities, attending General Meeting regularly. In lieu of attendance members should initiate communication directly with ALPB Chairman not to exceed eight (8) weeks absence. Active membership roster shall be audited semi-annually. Idle members shall be moved to the inactive membership roster subject to suspension.


General Meeting shall be held twice per month pending changes due to special circumstance. Notice of meeting time and location will be posted at ALPB forum; one (1) week advance notice for General Meeting, two (2) week advance notice for special circumstance. ALPB Chairman should chair meeting. Alternate Chair can be appointed by Chairman. Should Chair person not be present, meeting shall continue Ad Hoc.


ALPB members in good standing shall have right to vote on all motions brought to the floor. Motions shall be decided by two thirds (2/3) majority vote. Chair reserves right to veto any action. Veto shall be declared by conclusion of next General Meeting. Members have right to veto review. Members vote to accept or deny veto at following meeting. Two thirds (2/3) majority vote required to accept or deny veto and decision shall be final.


Member deemed detrimental to well being of ALPB as determined by two thirds (2/3) majority vote shall be suspended for a period of time determined by membership. Subject member has right to appeal at next regular meeting. Appeal shall be accepted by two thirds (2/3) majority vote. Suspended member shall relinquish all association with ALPB and remove their self. Suspended member may petition ALPB for re-admittance upon completion of suspension.


Amendments to this document require two thirds (2/3) majority vote. Vote shall be delayed one meeting.