Being Positive and Encouraging, Responsibly

Some of you might remember my rant a few weeks ago, asking contributors to our forums to maintain a positive and encouraging attitude when discussing experimental broadcasting. If you missed it, you can see it here:

I think it's equally important to stress experimenting responsibly.

Here's the newest copy of the FCC Enforcement Inspection Fact Sheet:

Here's a list of recent actions:

What's encouraging is that I don't see too much enforcement against AM operators, so it looks like, even with matching coils and modulating transformers, it's still a great way to go

The ease with which an experimenter can set up an illegal operation should not be ignored, and we should all be careful to be mindful of the regulations that govern our activities in the broadcast spectrum. We are guests, and as long as we behave as guests we should be able to continue to enjoy an interesting hobby.
I'm writing this today because, after reviewing the latest batch of FCC press releases about recent NOUOs (Notice Of Unlicensed Operations) I'm a little disappointed in my fellow experimenters. The NOUO is the first step in FCC enforcement now, and I think the FCC has shown a great deal of flexibility in establishing this level of enforcement.

The governmental equivalent of "Hey! Knock it off, dummy!" NOUOs are triggered when the FCC is made aware of an unlicensed operation and are issued once the responsible party is identified. The Enforcement Inspection Fact Sheet gives good advice about how to respond lawfully should an agent come to see you.