LPB AM-2000 transmitter

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By Alan Peterson. As published in Radio World newspaper. Attached is the review in PDF format. The review was also converted into PNG format. Click the thumbnails below to view them in that format. This article is reprinted with permission. Do not redistribute without obtaining written permission from the author.

Author's comments: This was written when LPFM rules had not yet jelled at the
FCC, so part of the text may read a little dated. And that (the author)
is preparing to launch LPAM "Rolling Valley Radio" this fall in Northern
Virginia a dozen miles outside of Washington DC.



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I have used one of these LPB generation of low power AM transmitters. I used it on a licensed AM station required to protect Canadian stations on the same frequency at night. Our nighttime power level was 23 watts (10db below daytime). On a 175 foot tower at 990 KHz., the range was about 10-12 miles. Past that distance, the skywave made the signal unlistenable. Sounds like what happens to Part 15 AM stations doesn't it? But I digress. If you find one of these boxes on Ebay or elsewhere, buy it. They are a very high quality transmitter. And by the way, the similarities between the LPB boxes and the AM1000 Rangemaster are remarkable. Hmmmmm?

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