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  1. The focus of this site is to encourage Part 15 hobbyists, and those curious about part 15 broadcasting, to share positive and instructional information about legal, low power broadcasting.
  2. We seek to build a community based on mutual respect, a commitment to sharing information and a positive attitude of exploration.
  3. Please post only your own work and please refrain from referring to sources who are not participating and who cannot be verified.
  4. Contributions not welcome include ad hominem attacks, appeals to ridicule, red herring posts, poisoning the well and agenda threads.
  5. Contributions that do not meet the rather lax requirements outlined above will be dealt with accordingly.
  6. If there is a lesson to be learned the topic will be locked.
  7. Blatantly egregious violations will be deleted, along with the user's account if necessary.
  8. User information submitted to is the sole responsibility of the user.
  9. The user submitting the information warrants the the information submitted does not violate any intellectual property rights.
  10. Once posted, user contributions become the property (but not the responsibility) of and may be edited, reposted elsewhere, anthologized, moved or deleted at the sole discretion of
  11. The judgement of the staff will be applied as needed and decisions made in this regard are final.
  12. By posting information to you expressly consent to these terms and conditions. Enjoy your visit.

Edited January 6, 2013

After Touches

Suggest adding an effective date, i.e., Effective Jan. 7, 2013

And as changes are made add "Updated Mo/Day/Yr"

Carl Blare

Forum Management

The forum titled "Part 15 Forum Guidelines and Rules" is a welcome step, even though such guidelines previously existed, but having them brought current is a logical step in the continued shaping of the website.

As a self amusement, I have been testing them out in my own monologues on the radio, and trying to find loopholes, faults and mistakes. But my intentions are for the best, such as "a good hacker", someone who finds bitty frailties and suggestions for refinement.

So, from time to time I will join in with an idea and leave it to the wise web masters to grab hold of my suggestions, or otherwise administer the Guidelines.

In this spirit I raise the question of "Controversies", also called "Disagreements". These will naturally arise, and the question is, do the present Guidelines tell us how to participate in disputes of this kind?

For reference I offer a link

Carl Blare

Not New

These guidelines are not new to this site as they were published here until the site changed ownership at which time they were "misplaced".

Carry on as usual.


It's not rules that make a

It's not rules that make a place such as this; it's how (or if) they are enforced.

I look forward to participating positively here for some time to come.

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