UK108 - Universal FM Transmitter from CanaKit

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UK108 - Universal FM Transmitter with Mic and Line Inputs (Assembled)

User Report

For a fast, quick way to try out Part 15 "microbroadcasting" this kit is a painless way to get started. I purchased this completly on a whim, but soon found that 1) it is really fun play with radio broadcasting and 2) what practical uses one can make of such set. It has also inspired me to go for my amateur license!

I have little or no formal electronics background - I'm a software guy who tinkered long ago to make computers, and still does some repair and refurbishing of my own stuff. But audio and radio electronics I've pretty much avoided. I found this kit provides a nice entry that very well may lead to more complex projects (I'm already looking at some of the AM kits from other suppliers)

CanaKit Universal FM Transmitter with Mic and Line Inputs
  Payment via Credit card
  Order placed 7/18
  Item received 7/22
  Boxed, kit in blister pack

  Transmitter on printed circuit
  Four AA battery holder
  Attached (30 inch?) wire antenna
  One page "manual"

For an "on the whim" project that I just dashed off, this is more fun than I expected. And, unlike most solitary activities (programming, rockets, etc.) this one is actually communal and ENJOYED by my family.

I've listened a lot over weekends, and experimented some.

  * Range is pretty much my lot - I could get to the alley and the front sidewalk. Spotty, depending on obstacles, and not for Walkman (i.e. mobile) listening. I suspect better antenna's, transmitter location, could improve things.

  * Playlist: Seussical (the upcoming musical at my daughter's High School), Dixie Chicks Simspsons songs, lots of country, rock and more.

  * Radios: my mini-shortwave picks it up well - very handy for the gazebo in my yard. The radio by my upstairs computer does too; nice when we are sitting in the den. A bathroom radio on the second floor can get it too.


I listen to radio a *lot* mostly walkman earbuds, or headphones at work. While it is very nice to have so many options the funny thing I've found with "my" radio station is that it is kind of liberating to be untethered from the radio - it just sits there and makes music. Like a cheap paperback, it can go anywhere!

Also nice is the "just pure music" aspect - I listen to too much news - commercial free, speech free (except the couple of "Radio Free Klingon" blurbs I recorded - only 4 out of over 400 tunes, so they don't come up much).

I thought I'd use this to extend the streaming audio stuff - I don't really care if I do now. I don't want to give up control of the playlist.

The other funny thing is that the audio quality is not an issue. It isn't perfect - I have occasional "hum" problems - but it is surprising how much you can get out of one little speaker. (maybe years of walkman abuse has taken its toll?)