Antenna for the talking house am tx I built.

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Antenna for the talking house am tx I built.

Hi Guys:Sorry it's taking so long,I have ran into a road block on the antenna!

To keep it simple there is an issue me purchasing the item.

I will try to make the ALPB meeting June 4, 2016 and will give you full run down.

Sorry about the short notice.

Take care

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Huh.   Without the external

Huh.   Without the external tuner or whatever?    I got a couple of those things I got cheap on craigslist.   Wasn't to fond of the modulation, but I think there're hacks for those.  

I might have to figure out how to attend this meeting.


If he builds an ATU with the

If he builds an ATU with the antenna,there is no problem with that since that would be a perfect match.

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Radio System must have sold

Radio System must have sold millions of Talking Houses, well it seems like it since so many are on the used market at all times.

An external antenna tuning unit shouldn't be too hard, just a variable coil on PVC pipe with taps on the bottom and top for matching and using the F-connector output to drive it. That should work better than the ferrite loaded tuner inside. Keep trying!


who used to frequent here built a Auto ATU from scratch for his part 15.219 C-QuAM setup he had.

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