homebrew (1600-1700 KHz) antenna analyzer

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homebrew (1600-1700 KHz) antenna analyzer

as everyone here probably already knows, i play with FCC legal low power broadcasting (if you can call it that at these very low power levels) under 15.219. well i am looking for schematics for a low power (milliWatt range TPO) antenna analyzer.i need it to simultaneously measure impedance and VSWR.basically i am looking to build an X-Band specific low power (mW Range) MFJ type antenna analyzerthese i know are not commercially available and will need to be custom built.either one with it's own signal generator or one meant to be driven by a low power 50 ohm transmitter into an antenna system.i am dealing with 100mW to final RF stage (probably about 60mW TPO) transmitter levelsi want to experiment with different 3m (top load, center load, EH, Isotron, capacity hats, etc) antenna designs and see what performs best for different installation scenarios.i'm sure there is a basic design out there i can modify for my purposes.thanksRobert In Denver

Homebrew Analyser

Though not a complete plug and play package here's a link to a description of what I use to analyse my antenna:

If you have a two channel scope this is worth a try,  I have tried a white noise impedance bridge for several antennas and was never very confident in the measurements but with this transformer all the readings check out using known circuit elements for simulation.



ebay a chinese one. theyre

ebay a chinese one. theyre wicked affordable for the 1-60 mhz ones


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