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my center loaded pic
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It is beautiful.

I think that thing will really cook.

Brooce Part 15 Hartford CT

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What a nice creation, it's

What a nice creation, it's boss! I've heard of similar antennas being described, with center feed and no ground, but had never seen pictures of one that's been built, or put to use.

Thick elements are nice, something you really wouldn't think of on AM, because for most antennas, just a wire will do. That should have more capacitance in the air and boost the bandwidth a bit.

How are you doing with the transmitter you built with the FET final?

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So I think the large outer conductor on

the antenna will pull a lot of current up the

outside area...  You guys know...  The skin effect.  

Im really interested in knowing how well this works.  What transmitter will you use

to test it... 

Brooce Part 15 Hartford CT




i'll be using my own homebrew

i'll be using my own homebrew class E tx i named the horseman on it. it uses an LM386 and a throttled back 2n7000 for a final, and has an LPF to kill any harmonics


shoutout to this thread which

shoutout to this thread which had me simultaneously moving some inductance up, and making it out of wide diameter pvc/aluminum. i got about the same projected SWR curve that most people get from baseload. also, tuned out, the signal def goes farther than any baseload i've ever used


i've decided for plug and

i've decided for plug and play antenna, ATU, box, and metering circuit, i'll build them custom for $270, not including cost to get it to you, be it shipping or the ladder rack of my truck in the greater new england region.  last i checked, antennas don't exactly need FCC certification, and this should be a quick solution to gettin folk on the air fast with a quality antenna.

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