Looking for a great sound dynamic sound card I could get off eBay

I am looking for a cheap but really dynamic old audio sound pci card and thought I ask here ..?

I am using old dell dimension 1100 as a MP3 player and scheduler As a Stand alone machine but it's sound cards is pretty blahhhhhcompared to to the new all in one Lenovo I was using its sound card was great

I want to run Zara so I needed a windows Xp CPU

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The old M-Audio Audiophile 2496 have a great reputation, for my laptop I use an external usb version of the same which does a beutiful job (Audiophile USB)

For my old Dell pc I've been real happy with an internal Echo MiaMIDI PC Digital Audio Interface (24-bit/96 kHz converters and 106 dB of dynamic range )


Both of the above internal and external cards I had bought on ebay.

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I have had excellent results with the Yamaha audiogram3. It is an external USB driven device but is really flexible. I've found them used for about $30 on eBay.