Microphone kit

Anyone ever built and used a microphone kit?

Like this one- http://recordinghacks.com/articles/how-to-build-a-microphone/

I've read prior threads about purchasing good, low cost microphones and anti-shock mounts. I'm up to building it but wonder if it's really suitable for broadcasting? I have the ability to make a case or box/shell from tubing, plastic or aluminum. It's the guts that concern me.


Talking with my son about mixing boards makes me see some items work, but others are more ideal for hobby broadcasting.

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Not exactly a "kit".

Years ago I saw some electret capsules at Radio Shack on a "discontinued" rack and got a couple for experimentation.

I was so amazed by how good the mic sounded that I had my Radio Shack manager have ALL the capsules from every area store sent over for me to purchase.

Today my DIY mic is my number one mic for voice.

I use different mics when recording music.

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Last night I spent more time and attention studying the linked DIY project, and I encourage anyone to build it!

The version that I made starting in 1990 and have been refining continuously does include a matching transformer, which is something that is asked about in this linked project.

Earlier I said that my microphone has not been used for music but then I recalled that I have played a small synthisizer keyboard into the mic and it sounds just like the real instrument sounds to the ear before being recorded!

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Since researching this I've looked into a vibration isolation device and a hack of am Ikea lamp as a boom for a microphone. I'm impressed with the result and low cost. Not sure, but the same mike might be suitable for Ham use? Well, if it is, I'm out a whopping $25  the microphone and $20 for the boom and vibration isolation.




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These self built condenser mics might not be right for HAM use because they have very excellent high-end response, while the HAM audio bandwidth is very limited.

You'd likely need to employ a strong low pass filter to keep the condenser mic from splashing out of your modulation window.

Dynamic mics with rolled off high-end are probably the best for HAM.

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