Plans Interfered

Today was to be an easy going day of getting things done. But that's not what happened.

At 8 AM I decided to install the upgrade to Stereo Tool the audio processor as a Winamp DSP Plugin. That's when Winamp shut down and spent the rest of the day refusing to start.

Stereo Tool is upgraded frequently and there has never been a problem installing it.

Returning to a previous time did not restore Winamp.

Re-installing Winamp did not solve the problem.

Because of all this KDX was not running today and I resorted to local AM radio which was the stuff of nightmares. Rush Limbaugh was wheezing and snorting about how misunderstood Trump is, the loud hate speech on another right wing station was also dishing apologetics for Trump, a president they say knows every smart move he makes, fooling us all by pretending to be a total ass. For a brief moment I watched Laura Ingraham on YouTube and held my ears to mask the blaring shriek, wondering if I had the correct spelling of "hussy".

As the sun set on the 11-degree day I strung together some other software and got KDX back on the stream and began airing the infinitely smarter programming only available by operating one's own station.

Hobby radio is the last chance for happiness in this failed world.

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We were right about one thing...

The kludge of software that I have streaming to the internet is causing the Icecast server to exist where anyone in the world can link to it.

But there's one small problem...

I just attempted to link to it as a final proof that everything is honky dory, and there is no audio whatsoever, none, zero, zip, complete silence.

It's been a wasted day. Here goes tomorrow.

This was a fun hobby when it worked.

Carl Blare

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It was about 11 PM last night when finally we got a stream running again following the entirely failed day on Friday with Winamp doing its disappearing act.

Has Winamp been timed to stop functioning after a certain date?

Carl Blare

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Checking here at the Felmly Communications Center (FCC) Winamp is operating normally on all computers.

But I'm not running virtual cables or Icecast.

Is there any error message or does nothing happen when trying to start Winamp?


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When we click on Winamp the little circle spins very briefly and then nothing happens after that.

The Winamp has been set aside and officially declared (old and outdated) as we've moved into the arena proven out by you, Bob, and scheduled to be described in your Seminar on Streaming.

My version of it is Zara feeding Stereo Tool feeding B.U.T.T. with one instance of Virtual Cable between Zara and Stereo Tool.

Later on if anyone wants more detail I can map out other technical factors that I've dealt with to get it going.

Carl Blare

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Have you got the newest version of Winamp Carl ?

Uninstall Winamp with Revo Uninstaller and reinstall it might fix it.

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It worked again. In the opening posts I intentionally sunk into the pits of despair and hopelessness because, short of jumping off the porch and writing a goodby note, it allows me to see the world in its most raw detail, a proven way of trying to describe a problem.

Now the reverse is true. All smiles and celebration as we've not only risen above the original difficulty but the solution is bigly better than anticipated and I'm getting a job promotion.

The technique of streaming with Winamp made clever use of a few factors, I take credit for that, but there was a better way to do it that I simply did not comprehend.

Now my job is to collapse the experience into the most efficient language possible so that other aspiring radio streamers can benefit from my suffering.

As a matter of fact, what I have discovered may be outside the knowledge and experience even of those who already knew how to stream.

You see, my stream server, a computer made from component parts with XP operating system, had two sound engines built into the motherboard, labeled Audio 1 and Audio 2, two complete stereo digital sound circuits with hardware inputs and outputs on the case.

But the software isn't equal for both sound systems. Only Audio 1 has "Stereo-Mix", a vital piece of the puzzle for building a good streaming setup. It so happens that I placed my radio station automation on Audio 2 but without the Stereo-Mix feature it wasn't able to stream with full advantage.

Audio 1 had served as a production and cue channel.

Ultimately all I needed to do was swap all the periferal devices...

My main part 15 transmitters needed to be moved from Audio 2 to Audio 1, and the utility FM transmitter on Audio 1 got swapped to Audio 2.

It took two days for my brain to finally see the big picture.

Carl Blare

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Sunday evening is ending well, having solved every little problem we could find during this process of restoring our stream to the internet.

As much as we try, we cannot find any further problems to tackle.

That means we're out of projects until something new breaks, and there will always be something that crashes.

Success usually lasts for less than an hour.

Carl Blare

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The 3 days of being off the air reported in this thread began when old faithful Winamp, at the heart of my program automation, stopped working.

As reported in the recent posting a new system has been put together and is working fine.

At the ALPB meeting Saturday night a member suggested that the collapse of Winamp might be a symptom of a bigger problem, such as a hard-drive slowly failing.

Therefore this week we are going to return to the Winamp question and try to discover the true reason for the breakdown.

What I suspect at the start is that I inadvertantly hit a wrong key on the mouse or keyboard and made something happen that altered some file.

An example of this are some extra little buttons on both sides of the mouse that have unknown purpose but when bumped cause whole pages of text disappear with no recovery possible. No. 1, I'll try to learn what those buttons are for.

Carl Blare