New program - "Life Underground"

I wonder if anyone else might have interest in carrying a new program, "Life Underground". It is about  a man using a metal detector to recover American History one piece at a time. This has also been a passion of mine.  I did it in the 70s and 80s then stopped until I retired late last year. I have a strong passion for American History of the colonial era and among my most treasured finds are a U.S. Army Dragoon button, circa 1812, a brass harness hook recovered from the NJ Pine Barrens at the site of a hotel that burned down around 1810, and a "three-pounder" cannonball recovered from the scene of a Revolutionary War skirmish where 8 Patriots defeated and killed 200 British soldiers who repeatedly marched on the Patriots in the open while the Patriots were holed up in a farm house on the top of a hill. 

Anyway the person doing this program is  Dan Thibeault <>and his web site is . You can listen to his first two episodes there.  A new episode will be out soon. He would be thrilled to get  more affiliates.


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What a great subject for a radio show!

KDX is signing up as an affiliate and I personally would enjoy taking up the hobby to look for that special nut that fell off of my Brill German Manual Lawn Mower.

Part 15 radio won't make most of us rich, but metal detecting has chance.

Carl Blare

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Episode 3 has now been released!

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