Oompah Hour #154 (really)

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Oompah Hour #154 (really)

OK, this week you REALLY get program 154.  As you recall I forgot how to count last week! So last week's post SHOULD say "Oompah Hour #153"  LOL. 

This week's show includes a bit of a tribute to Wally Pikel who passed away last week at the age of 90! If you don't know Wally, he was famous for playing multiple trumpets at the SAME TIME.  Often while RIDING A POGO STICK! He performed this feat on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and also on the Mike Douglas show.  He started his band in 1944, did his radio show "Pikel Patch" on KDUZ radio in Hutchinson , MN for decades (in fact did the show the weekend before he died).  He also owned a music store, and was an all around great guy.  So, a bit of  history and a couple of his tunes in the show this week. Of course the show is at the usual link:  Next week's show will take us through St. Patrick's Day, so we'll be including at least ONE version of "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling", POLISH style! 

Tim's Oompah Hour #154 (really) Week of March 5 - 11th 2017

Polka DJ (Theme) – Dick Pillar

Blonde Bombshell Polka – Ray Henry & His Orchedtra

Percolator Polka – Al Cocoa Czelusniak

If You've Got The Coffee Polka – Herold Steinback Orchestra

Beer Barrel Polka – Wally Pikal

Garden Waltz – Hi-Toppers Orchestra

Old Timers Polka – Johnny Pecon

I Stopped For a Beer – Eddie Blatnick and his Polka Pals

Are You Mine Polka – Langer Sisters

When I Was a Little Boy Polka – Little Rascals Polka Band

Red Hot Pants Polka – Stan Jerich and the Delmonts

Juke Box Cheer – Li'l Wally with the Siewierski Orchestra

Paloma Blanca – Wally Pikal

Tempo of Dakota – Oompah Town's Finest

Try It You'll Like It Polka – The Dyna Dukes

Pepper Upper Polka – Whoopee John Wilfahrt & His Orchestra

Polka DJ (Theme) – Dick PIllar