Oompah Hour #160

It's another Oompah Hour!  Number 160 ready to go at the usual link:






While sorting out a box of rhythm and blues 45's from the 50's I found 3 polka records I'd never heard, so they're in the show! Along with a lot of songs polka fans all know and some silly ones too!  Enjoy!

Tim's Oompah Hour #160 Week of April 16 – 22, 2017

Polka Dj (Theme) – Dick Pillar

You Call Everybody Darlin' – Art Walunas

Cluckee Song – John Lipinski & Polka Pleasure

Red Wine Polka - Don Peachy and his Orchestra

Oh, Honey How I Love You – Eddie Muesel & His Polka Barons

Now That I'm Single Again – Li'l Wally

Tied With a Thread Oberek – The Happy Notes Orchestra

I've Got A Wife – The Mark IV

Rock and Roll To The Round and Round Beat – Whoopee John Wilfahrt & His Orchestra

Hickory Polka – Ray Champa and his Polka Champs

Peanuts Polka – Bob Szymanski Orchestra

Apples, Peaches & Pumpkin Pie Polka – The Jolly Gents

Tinkle Polka – Harry Harden & His Orchestra

Wooden Shoes Polka – Walter Ostanek

You Name It Polka – Marshall Lackowski

Champagne Polka – Six Fat Dutchmen

New Herminie Polka – Martin Serro

Polka DJ (Theme) – Dick Pillar