Oompah Hour #173

Well, gosh darn it anyway... here's another episode of the never ending Oompah Hour, show #173!

Well, I suppose it will end *someday* but hopefully that's a long time from now!This weeks show includes what I hope is the right requested song -- 'cause it's a long son of a gun! Get the show at the usual link: http://www.ironrangecountry.com/oompahhour.mp3 

Tim's Oompah Hour #173 Week of July 16 - 22nd 2017

Polka DJ (Theme) – Dick Pillar

Clarinet Polka – Ron Kuroski Orchestra

Good Luck Polka – Happy Louie & His Polka Band

Black Crow Polka – Ben Barta Band

Zorba The Greek Medley – Hank Thunander

Album “For Your Pleasure”

Laughing Polka – Little Joe's Dance Band

Mockin' Bird Hill – Big Daddy Lackowski

Hey Mr. Nemo Polka – Clevelanders Orchestra

Austronaut Polka – Norm Dombrowski & The Happy Notes

Beer In Heaven Polka – The Musicales

Grain Belt Polka – Elmer Scheid & His Hoolerie Band

Going To a Polka Dance – John Jeski Orchestra

Swinging Brass Polka – Chuck and the Harmony Notes

Rock and Roll Polka – Fezz Fritsche & His Goosetown Band

Hot Pants Polka – Ampol-Aires

Polka DJ (Theme) – Dick Pillar