Oompah Hour #180

Hope you're all having a good Labor Day Weekend!Here's Oompah Hour #180 where you get to hear the "Old Style Waltz" AGAIN, but you'll ALSO hear the "straight" version on the other side!

Grab it at the usual link:



Had to do the show in the "back up studio" this week!  We had a power outage last week, that although the UPS unit kept the station onn the air through all two hours of it, the surge that hit when the juice came back on toasted the power supply for the Arrakis board on the studio side where the show is produced! New PS is on the way, and show is on schedule despite the problem!  I suppose I should at least get a surge protector for the other studio. 


Tim's Oompah Hour #180 Week of September 3 – 9 2017


Polka DJ (Theme) – Dick Pillar


Beer Beer Beer – Marion Lush


He Likes The Girlies – Syl Rutkoski Orchestra


If I Was a Rich Boy Waltz – Eddie Blazpmczyk & The Versatones


Frankfurter Polka – Paul Kuhn & The Seinem Orchestra


Just Because – Polka Ambassadors


Polka Slovenian Style – The Polka Knights


Schatzie – Bernie Roberts & His Orchestra


Old Style Waltz – Jay Wells & The Red Raven Orchestra


Please Leave Me Alone – Eddie Korosa & His Orchestra


Our Country Polka – Happy Louie & The Julcia Orchestra


Singing Hills Polka – Jake Derlink


She Don't Wanna – Don Peachey & His Orchestra


Old Style Waltz – Jay Wells & The Red Raven Orchestra


Our Favorite Dish Polka – Musical Stars


Red Bird Polka – Earl Schmidt Orchestra


Polka DJ (Theme) – Dick Pillar