So, you wanted a blues show, eh?

It was bandied about in another thread that a blues show might be an idea. 

So, I had an idea to do one.  So I did.

"Blues From The Iron Range" prototype episode one has been completed.  It's two hours long. It may very well be the only ever installment of the show. But I thought it would be fun to do one and play a bunch of my favorite records.  So, here's the details.

It's uploaded in two parts about an hour each. It's self contained, e.g. you can play the two parts back to back for a two hour show, although if you play the second hour alone it will sound weird as I welcome people back for the second hour.  It is not sponsored, but contains two fake commercials, for a fake made up company.  The first is at the end of hour one, and the hour ends after the commercial.  You can do a station break here, play your own spots, or whatever, then go on to hour 2. The second fake spot is in the middle of hour 2. The show is brought to you by "Krapco".

As I do when I do the "Oompah Hour" the show is recorded live, in that I "roll tape" (virtual tape anyway) and do the show as a live DJ straight through, so any foulups are live and real.  Music covers 1914 to 2017.  And I'm sure several tracks you've never heard of, but my tastes are odd and varied and my collection of music runs deep.

So, I present for your downloading, listening, and broadcasting pleasure...

"Blues From The Iron Range" hour 1 and two at the following links.


And if this is really somethig people might make use of I might consider doing an hour show once a month -- which isn't much, really, but I'm pretty much up to my eyeballs in stuff do to right now.  But I thought od about 438 artists I didn't get to in this show...


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This is great, Tim!

I have already grabbed these shows for my "Part 15" Drawer and will play it on my weakest transmitter for non-public private listening.

Blues might be the only kind of music I can enjoy for hours, old-time country music the second choice, some classical the third choice and...

Oh, I forgot polkas. Let me work out my numbering system and I'll be back.

Carl Blare

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Hang in there -- for those who need it I'll post a playlist :)



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Tim's blues shows is the Totality!

From now on a banjo IS a legitimate blues instrument!

Within 10-minutes of the show I ordered a tent from Walmart so I could set up alongside this fantastic blues program.

Bloozy doozy this is the ultimate blues show in the whole universe.

Carl Blare

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Well Carl, looks like you may be the only one who actually wanted a blues show after all that talk about it a few weeks ago. But for those interested, here's the playlist for the show linked above:

Blues From The Iron Range

Program 1 Prototype Show.

Hour 1

St. Louis Blues – W. C. Handy

Hey Little School Girl – Jonny Lang

Boom Boom – John Lee Hooker

Boom Boom – The Animals

Queen Bee – Sue Foley

16 Little Red Noses And A Horse That Sweats – Jim Stafford

History of the Blues – Blegen & Sayer

Lyin' Girl Blues – Jumpin' Joe Williams & The Red Sanders Orchestra

Six Strings Down – Jimmie Vaughan, Eric Clapton, Bonnie Raitt, Buddy Guy, Robery Cray, Dr John, Art Nevell

Boogie Woogie Blues – Clarence Samuels

Matrimonial Inclinations – Jack White & Lillie Mae

Key To The Highway – Little Walter

Ice Cream Freezer Blues – “The Blues Man” Roosevelt Sykes


Hour 2

New York Blues – Yardbirds

Blue and Lonesome – Rolling Stones

Road Runner – Aerosmith

I Will Not Be Your Fool – David Bromberg

Crosscut Saw – Ryan And The Del-Rays

Motorhead Baby – Jimmie Vaughan

Mary Sue – Howlin' Wolf

Kansas City – David Bromberg

Mojo Hand – Lightnin' Hopkins

'54 Chevrolet Panel Truck Blues – Robert One Man Johnson

Scuttle Buttin' – Ryan And The Del-Rays


And if you want to see something really embarassing -- back in 2003 my Son played a talent show (they wouldn't let him enter since he won the year before but the wanted him to play -- he was a Junior in the school at the time) and I played bass in his trio for this one gig.  So the fat guy in the Hawaiian shirt playing bass is me ... lol...  Of course this was shot on VHS tape, and this is a digital dub of a copy of a copy, lol...



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What I have come to believe is that not everyone who visits this forum reads everything posted on it, or somehow manages to skip over certain things.

Perhaps we need to post important messages five times to get everyone's attention.

The other day I heard both hours of the bluses show and am now planning to play it again because it was so excellent.

Maybe some amplification would help...





Carl Blare

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Just downloaded both files.  Good stuff!

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Glad you dig it.  I haven't decided what to do with it, yet. Maybe a monthly thing. My plate is pretty full at the moment. But it was brought up, and I literally have records for any occasion, and I dig the blues too.  So what the heck.  I covered 1914 to 2017 in 2 hours. Not bad. 

It's kind of a stretch to use it on my station in my format so I don't need it for my own use, but if enough people wanted to make use of it.... I might be so inclined...



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but it sounds more like an NPR or college station than a commerical classic hits station so i could squeeze in a blues format on thursdays @ 6pm mountain.

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We could make an "All Tim Sunday" with the Oompah Hour and Blues. :-)

Druid Hills Radio AM-1610- Dade City, FL. Unlicensed operation authorized by the Part 15 Department of the FCC. We do not censor free speech and hide public information.

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Tim's "Morning Mess" radio show is linked here

Morning Mess

Tim's Professional Services

The Real Deal At Fiver Prices

Carl Blare

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If you want to listen to the most current Morning Mess show (my show on "real" radio every morning) use this link:


That *should* update every day shortly after the morning show is over, with that da's show and it will remain there until it's replaced by the next show the following morning.  I can't guarantee it's working every time right now, as the company that does our website just did some equipment and server upgrades and there have been a few burbles here and there.

It's what I've been doing here for 30 years.  Apparently people like it as they keep paying me :)




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The two hour Tim's Blues Show was carried again this morning on KDX Worldround Radio and it was like he'd made a whole new show.

It was fresh and very pleasant for launching a holiday weekend.

Carl Blare

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This morning KDX is airing the Morning Mess from Tim in Bovey.

"Trans fat is a protein that identifies as fat".

The banter is network quality.

We will run it every week!

Carl Blare

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Remember how you asked for a blues show?

Of course you remember, and so do we.

Time came through with two really top hours of blues... have you heard it?

Scroll back up and download it... it's great!

You also recall that I started looking through 45 RPMs looking for blues, and today I took the two cartons of records out back and finished looking.

Here's what I have by way of 7" records...

St. Louis Blues sung by Joe Stafford with Paul Weston piano;

St. Louis Blues played by Roy Clark;

Only Two Can Play the Blues played by Tarantula & Fleisher;

Blue Beat with Herbert Rehbein & Orchestra from Germany;

Autumn Blues with Bobbby Darin piano & Shorty Rogers Orchestra.

I also grabbed a batch of just plain good 45s which I may throw in.

Now I need to browse through the LPs for any blues hiding there.

My goal is to produce a good hour especially for DJboutit and available to all stations.

Carl Blare