ALPB Meeting Saturday Feb. 18

The next regular TeamSpeak meeting of The ALPB is Saturday February 18th.  The meeting opens at 7:00 PM Eastern Time with general conversation followed by a short business meeting when everyone is ready.

I myself have been so occupied helping others as of late that it has removed me from my hobby activities.  I wish to thank Carl Blare of KDX Worldround Radio for occasionally taking the Chair position when I'm not available.  This is permitted per The ALPB Charter.

Thanks to Carl's notes, at the last meeting some ideas were kicked around regarding The ALPB Forum board.  Some issues were presented regarding off topic posts.  Some minor changes have resulted and ideas presented at the last meeting will be discussed at the coming meeting.

I'm happy to report in the last week I have received calls from two individuals requesting info to startup license free, low power AM stations.  It's always nice to know people are interested in this type of activity.

Here's hoping I'll have time to be present at the Saturday meeting.  If you are not a member and would like to join in, check out for info on how to become a member.

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