ALPB Meets Saturday Evening

The Association of Low Power Broadcasters welcomes all regular and new members to the second meeting of September, Saturday evening the 16th at 7 PM EDT, in the TeamSpeak Conference facility via your computer.

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And a good day for a meeting as the weather forcast for here in Raglan is for rain

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As again the member of the Association for Low Power Broadcasters met at the TeamSpeak Room many topics and subjects were discussed although I'm not sure whether the formal part of the meeting was held, because I became distracted by a fantastic concert next door on the dial that I guessed was either the 8th or 11th Shostakovitch Sympnony, but it turned out to be the 12th.

Next door on the dial? Yes, what I mean by that is that the TeamSpeak Audio delivering everyone's microphone to our listening post inside the Internet Building is transmit at 89.9 FM via a C.Crane FM2.

By the way, the concert that pulled me away was the BBC Proms and is available for you at this link, if you like blazing brass, thumping drums, and a wonderfully recorded performance.

BBC Proms concert for anyone who would like

As soon as I know what happened at the ALPB Meeting I'll be back with a report.

Carl Blare

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Having reviewed the transcription from last night, we find that a formal meeting was held while I'd wandered over to the concert.

For this absence I submit my apologies to fellow ALPB members and especially Chairman Bob Felmly. It shall not happen again.

The main topic at the official meeting was mention of the planned seminar on streaming, still being organized.

Next Meeting October 7th.

Carl Blare