The ALPB on WBCQ, international shortwave hangout!

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The ALPB on WBCQ, international shortwave hangout!

We've had this idea floating around for a while to have a sort of "hangout" with conversation about radio and some music on WBCQ 3250kHz. 

Basically, it would be a two hour show done LIVE on WBCQ through team speak and I can relay live the teamspeak audio (and some music I would provide) to WBCQ since I have done live shows on BCQ before. We would host a quasi-regular meeting and discuss some of the general things the ALPB is concerened with and take some listener questions and play some music. We can do a rag chew and talk about general radio stuff and just get our name out there and have fun on shortwave! 


MRAM asked me to get a price for the airtime and it is 100 buck for the two hours. Here's where we hit the wall; we need to get 100 bucks to do the show, and so anyone who wants to donate is more than welcomed to. It'll be graciously accepted. 


Ovbiously that is jumping the gun. Firstly, do we all want to do this live show? Secondly, when do we want to, and thirdly, who will accept the donations (via paypal?) 


I think this is, overall, a great opportunity for the ALPB to get our name out there to the very dedicated radio community who listens to WBCQ. We can get more people interested in our brand of hobby radio (Which many of the BCQ listeners are more than educated in the specifics of radio) and just have fun. 

another outlet for the ALPB

another outlet for the ALPB and part 15 to get recognition amongst radio hobbyists,,,

Part 97 Bulletins type broadcast?

Part 15 Engineer

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Going Bigger Time

Did not know about the HAM radio bulletin announcement provision. Maybe we need a HAM license just for that advantage.

And WBCQ The Planet with 4x 50 kW shortwave transmitters from Monticello Maine is a surprisingly underutilized broadcast resource.

Atrain Radio has already done hours of music shows on WBCQ and I carry Allan Weiner Worldwide, the owner's weekly show, on KDX, where he always pitches the inexpensive availability of air time.

Maybe there haven't been any takers so far, Atrain, because most of our hobby stations are run by operators who feature music and do not especially fancy themselves as radio personalities.

Maybe some of the readers would sign in here to describe why you are not jumping at the chance to be heard on worldiwide shortwave ??

Carl Blare

Yes, the radio time is

Yes, the radio time is relatively inexpensive, but that's 'relatively'.  In absolute terms, if you were to do this every week, that would be over $5000 (U.S.).

It's a big expense when you're not bringing in any revenue on your own.

I have no personality, so being a 'radio personality' is out as well.

Well, After all...

As a shared expense, if we had as few as 10 people that's only $10 each to be part of the program.

What a novelty!  To be heard on a shortwave station.

And as Atrain said it could be great publicity for The ALPB.  After all these will most likely be "radio" types listening, wishing they had their own radio stations.  We could be bringing license free, low power broadcasting to lots of people.

Sounds like new business for the next meeting of The ALPB.

by MRAM 1500 

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