Any Standalone Shoutcast Streamer That Will Not Pickup Every Sound From Your Computer??

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Slow Down Your Pace

DJboutit says:  "If I do not find another computer in 5 to 7 days I am done with my internet station."

Carl Blare advises:  Give yourself 3-months, DJ... 7-days is not enough time.

Part of this hobby is the trial and error and the exploration and the experimentation that it takes to make everything work.

Working with computers can be like trying to build a house out of gravel... ir keeps sliding apart.

I'm just about to start experimenting with RadioBoss... I'll be happy to post my experience here for others to learn, but I'm getting into it kind of slow because of other projects also sharing time.

Carl Blare

Try e-bay.  At least you get

Try e-bay.  At least you get some sort of warranty from e-bay if the seller is selling it as 'Used' and it doesn't work.  You really have to know what you're looking at if you try to buy 2nd hand at pawn shops, garage sales, thrift shops, etc.

I'd go for a laptop - if it's more than a few years old, few want it and generally you can find them for around $50, maybe a bit more (the really old ones generally go for a lot more, as they're considered somewhat 'collectable' - the only collectable thing about most of them is dust).  I recently purchased an HP Elitebook (a very decent computer, by the way) with docking station, decent specs, capable of running even Windows 7/8, and paid on a Buy It Now listing C$60 (well under US$50).

You have something else going

You have something else going on. Try collecting stamps.

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Would Zararadio work on

Would Zararadio work on Windows or would X86 or x64 version of XP better??

I don't think I've ever

I don't think I've ever loaded Zara on a x64 system, at least not that I recall. Almost every computer I've ever used Zara on has been with XP on an older laptop or desktop, with proccesing ranges from petium 1 to 3, and as low as 256mb ram, but usually more like 500-800 but's that's usually all. They all purred along fine with no problem for weeks and even months without a reboot.

However I should mention they were all usually dedicated just for Zara, and I didn't use them for anything else. Also they were "compact" versions of XP, in that I had essentially hacked out all aspects of the operating system which were uneeded and burned a new XP install cd (there are numerous tutorials online on how to do this) --But I just mention that, not any of that is neccessary, but what it does is streamline to the operating system to bare bones and thus makes it run a lot smoother and faster, I use to install XP on obsolete 486 machines like this with great success..

But I digress, so disregard all that, and don't let any of that throw you off.. The whole point is that Zara doesn't require much at all and will run like a champ. I advise to simply use whatever XP machine you can get your hands on and your basically set to go.

Rich Powers Part15, Take 2..

Zara itself doesn't need much

Zara itself doesn't need much, but when it needs the cycles, it really wants them - if it doesn't get them, you'll get audio stuttering.

What is best for you really depends on what else you're running on the computer.  If you're running audio processing software, streaming encoding or serving, etc., then you really do require something newer than XP as your operating system. XP doesn't multitask all that well, and if your computer has more than 1 core, it doesn't take advantage of the multiple cores.  Vista or even Windows 7 would be better choices.  And an X64 machine would give you some extra cycles.

Good points. But I just want

Good points. But I just want to mention, although I heard an occassional mention of this "stuttering" or other problem.. I can not recall ever experiencing something like that myself in over ten years time, and I've always utilized old rather under-powered computers.

It never fails to surprise me when I hear people say something like that!

Rich Powers Part15, Take 2..

Zara runs fine on x64. The

Zara runs fine on x64. The darned thing will literally run on anything. In my experience Zara has not been very demanding on resources but can certainly stutter if something else on the PC starts using the available CPU. This problem can be completely avoided by using a pro-grade soundcard. (The audio files are loaded on the card's RAM and not dependant on the CPU or PC RAM.)

I have only had Zara stutter on a Toshiba Netbook running Win7 Starter.

Toshiba Window 7

Yep, Mighty! I have a Toshiba Satellite L745 laptop with Windows 7. It WILL NOT run Zara. I loaded erased and loaded it 3 times. I load the Play List, hit "play" and it blinks. Nothing else. Nothing plays. My Dell 1500 laptop with XP runs it flawlessly. The sound card is shot on that, though.


I never did find out why that

I never did find out why that Toshiba had issues with Zara, it would also not run edcast very long either.

I am going to a place that

I am going to a place that sells used computers I hope Zara will work with Windows 2000 that is all I have.  I might have to formant the computer and install 2000. 

Yes, both Zara 1.4.4 and 1.6

Yes, both Zara 1.4.4 and 1.6 work well with Windows 2000.  In fact, it probably runs better than on XP and newer operating systems.  If you want to generate an Internet stream, you'll have to use Oddcast Standalone (as EdCast Standalone doesn't work on 2000).

The biggest problem you might have is to find other Windows 2000 software to support your station, as it's getting very old right now (and maybe device drivers if you have other hardware to support).

I got a Compaq DC5800 with

I got a Compaq DC5800 with 4gb ram and 250gb hd $70. It took like 90 min to get it to load I pull out the video card and wifi card now it loads.  It will take 3 to 5 hrs to format and install windows 2000. 

I used to own one of those. 

I used to own one of those.  It will do nicely, particularly under Windows 2000.  Just make sure it has Windows 2000 drivers for it (chipset, audio, etc.).

Nothing I installed worked on

Nothing I installed worked on Windows 2000 I just got a copy of XP and now I am installing it.  Computer should be fully running Zara late tonight or tomorrow. 

Stream is back up had a

Stream is back up had a little trouble setting up the computer for Zararadio.  Check out the stream hope Zararadio does not any time soon.  One thing I do like about Zaradio is it is kinda hard to set a even to start at lets say 10:30 or 12:30 it is real easy to start a event at the top of a hour. 

You can start it at any

You can start it at any specific time you want, check pages 8 and 9 of the manual... If you have no idea at all how to use Zara then maybe this super basic starter guide will help famaliarize you with it


Rich Powers Part15, Take 2..

Is there a way to run a event

Is there a way to run a event every 30 min with Zara??


Sure.  Just use the scheduler and set the file name and time to run the event file.

This does not change the programmed playlist rather it inserts the event into the playout.  When finished it returns to the playlist.

To play every 30 minutes would require two scheduled events at 30 minutes apart.

by MRAM 1500 

Charter Member - Association of Low Power Broadcasters

Chairman - ALPB

I am asking how to set a

I am asking how to set a event to run every 30min this is not a time or temp annoucment.

Ok... Posted 170325 1346

Yes, the scheduler let's you play lists, rotations, steams, random files, files, et all, not just TTH announcements.

Are you not sure how to find/use the scheduler?

by MRAM 1500 

Charter Member - Association of Low Power Broadcasters

Chairman - ALPB

I know how to set events I

I know how to set events I just do not know how to set a event that plays every 30min.  With Radioboss you get more control when setting events.  Zararadio events is verry limited compared to Radioboss.  Here is a shot of Radioboss events Zararadio has no repeat fuction in event settings. 

I could set this event to

I could set this event to play once a hr then I could set 24 more events to play at every 30min.  Having to many event scheduled might crash the program.  

Yes, Zara Too... posted 170325 16:44 EDT

An event in Zara defaults to once per day, 7 days per week.  But if you select "other hours" you can make it run Every hour at the time set.  To go every 30 minutes do the same but create two events with start times set 30 minutes apart.

If the events must go at exactly 30 minutes apart then select "immediate" play.  Otherwise you can delay the event for a set time to let the currently playing file finish.

If the delay times out because the currently playing file is longer, the event will expire.

by MRAM 1500 

Charter Member - Association of Low Power Broadcasters

Chairman - ALPB

mram1500 I thank you I got

mram1500 I thank you I got Zara to play a station ID every 30 min.  I also got the 2 time a day week days news and 15 radio programs a week set I am now 101% ready to go.  Audio sound pretty good I have the computer playing through old Kenwood KR-7400 stereo reciver hooked up to Polk Audio monitor series 2 speakers.   I hope Zararadio does not crash every 20 to 22 hrs like it did on Windows 7.  


I think it unlikely that having a lot of scheduled events would ever cause a crash of the program. Just do it like Mram suggested; scedule the event at the top of the hour, then schedule the same event at the 30 minute mark. Your event will now play every 30 minutes.

Rich Powers Part15, Take 2..

Zaradio is still having

Zaradio is still having problem it is taking for every to load large playlist and it still freezing at the 20 to 21 hr mark. Zararadio was not designed to run a playlist bigger than 750 to 1k tracks. Zararadio 1.4.4 and 1.6.2 both habing these problems.  Time to finda another radio automation program.

Let's Have a Little Talk

DJboutit there is something I notice about you.

If software doesn't work the way you think it should right away and without delay, you cut it off and move on.

You believe your first conclusion, which is always that "this software doesn't work".

But I am telling you that Zara may not be the problem.

We all have had very smooth results with Zara.

Your problems are different than anyone else has experienced.

What I suspect and what I think you should consider is that...


I don't know what the real problem is with your computer setup, but I think you need to at least look for SOME OTHER PROBLEM and not Zara.

I hope my stern words get you to look again for underlying problems which may eventually solve the puzzle.

Carl Blare

I've used Zara 1.4.4, 1.6 (on

I've used Zara 1.4.4, 1.6 (on Windows 2000 & XP) and the latest, 1.6.2 (on Vista).  Absolutely no problems, even with playlists of over 10,000 songs and pages of events.

I agree with Carl - something else is wrong.

Here's what I believe you should do:

- Post a complete list of your hardware configuration, memory, network configuration, etc.

- Post a complete list of software you're running, including O/S, other software in the system, including anti-virus.  Please be precise, such as is your Windows 2000 Professional or Server or Advanced Server?

From that, people here may be able to give you suggestions where to look.  It's going to be a matter of whittling down your hardware/software to the bare minimum to isolate where the problem is.

Off the top of my head, I'd say to first get another copy of Zara, as yours could be corrupt.

I'd then run a virus scan to make sure you're OK and then disable your anti-virus.  Sometimes those programs can interfere with others on your system.

I would uninstall everything off your computer except Zara and leave only what you need to run Zara.

That would be a start - with more tweaking to come once we know your configuration.

If you don't do this (your choice, obviously), you run the risk of having the same sort of problems with other software, including alternative radio automation.


That is a highly unusual

That is a highly unusual problem that I can't say I've ever had. I've ran fairly large playlists in the past without issue.

As a temporary measure you can split the playlist up into separate files and have zara load up a new one each day or every few days.

Before I started using the event  scheduler to pick the songs I seem to recall about 1,500 songs would run at about 96 hours before repeating.


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