Classic Hits 1630 is now officially the new variety 1560 am

Classic Hits 1630 AM is now the new Variety 1560 AM. we are your home for the greatest hits of the 40's through the 80's.

see our Facebook page at:

our forum:

and our website

also follow us on twitter: "@Variety1560AM"

unfortunately due to the high cost of royalties we no longer stream online you have to listen to us locally in the SE Lakewood, co area

our range is not very far only about a mile to a car radio and we get trashed at night by sky wave.

feel free like us on facebook, follow us on twitter or join our forum which features a lot of technical resources for part 15 broadcasters.

the website and forums url will be changed to reflect our new station branding as soon as I can get some extra cash to pay for the url change. the website features a picture of the actual studios.


Variety 1560 / 1470 AM Lakewood

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All the best with your new station and format.

I have your web page bookmarked.

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May I ask why you change frequencies? Was it taken over play another radio station in your area? Usually 1620 and 1630 are available to the southeast or should I say around the Mason-Dixon line.

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is littered with local stations bleeding over onto 1630 and spewing iboc sidebands and then a 1630 out of wyoming started to interfere with my singal so i moved frequencies.

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I started hearing a station out of Iowa City which starts to come in around 4:30 to 5 Eastern Time. These guys must have some serious power. I never used to hear them but now they come in on a regular basis.


1620 is a lot better for me. I don't start to hear heterodyne until around 7 p.m. Sometimes I hear a Mexican station or what sounds like Spanish coming in.


Speaking of that is it just me or has it been because I haven't really paid attention to AM until I started getting serious about putting up a transmitter down there since it will get the range that I want for my little town. There seems to be a movement of Spanish stations and they seem quite powerful I wonder if some of these are pirate because they seem to be the first ones that fade in.

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AM 1630 in Iowa City, Iowa, is KCJJ with 10 kW day 1 kW night and I have often enjoyed their morning show on their website webcam because it is very free-form conversation between the station owner and his board operator. I've even used some of it on my station.

When I first started scouting the X Band (Extended AM Band) over 10-years ago, I have noticed that long-distance reception changes a lot over the months and years...

At first many of the stations came in loudly here just outside the city limits of St. Louis. But in more recent years the reception has become weaker... maybe their ground radials are going bad.

When a station suddenly gets louder all of a sudden on some new day I figure they either repaired their transmitter or re-placed their ground radials.

My channel, 1680, has been very clear for a long time, but in past years I very clearly heard WPRR (Public Reality Radio) in Grand Rapids, Michigan, a very great and unusual station programmined more like a part 15 station.

AM 1640 in Milwaukee was a Disney station until sold to the Catholic Kingdom and since then is not often heard because Catholics are poor with technology.

AM 1660 in Kansas City was a very rare classical music station until they sold a few years ago to some common ordinary owner.

Now that I know AM 1710 is open for use I will be putting a station on that channel.

Carl Blare

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So do you really think the FCC is going to allow us to use 1710 kilohertz? If so I really should see if there's a way to make that talking sign transmitter go up there.

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This (1710 Khz) appears to be the thread that never dies.

I just did a search on 1710 Khz and no, I find nothing that indicates that the FCC (or Industry Canada) will allow low power broadcasting with Part15.219 (or RSS210) at 100 mw (to get any sort of range).  I'm afraid that we're stuck with 1700 Khz and under for the forseeable future.

The supposed Part 15 station that started all this (not Classic Hits, the topic of this thread) may have gotten a favorable ruling from an FCC agent, or may be operating illegally (at least over the air).

Please keep the discussion on topic.

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I replied: WLSL-LP, 92.7 - Saint Leo University Radio.

Druid Hills Radio AM-1610- Dade City, FL. Unlicensed operation authorized by the Part 15 Department of the FCC. We do not censor free speech and hide public information.

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Druid Hills notes the exception: "WLSL-LP, 92.7 - Saint Leo University Radio."

This is what is known in the church as a "mystery".

New Variety 1560, on the other hand, is the solution to a mystery.

Part 15 works in mysterious ways.

Carl Blare