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CQ Amateur Radio Operators

I know I have asked this before, how many of us are hams? Me: WA4JM



First licensed in 1969 at age 11.



Wow! I thought I was doing

Wow! I thought I was doing good getting my Novice at 14 LOL!

Druid Hills Radio AM-1710- Dade City, FL. Unlicensed operation authorized by the Part 15 Department of the FCC and our Resident Hobby Agent.  

Me too since 1969.

Me too since 1969.

My interests are antennas, transmitters, studio equipment, and setting up a useful Part 15 AM radio station. 

I am a CB Radio operator but

I am a CB Radio operator but I do not my equipment setup currently since I am in a rent house.

cal sign


Jim Henry HBR Radio 1610, serving Honey Brook, PA. and NW Chester County.

WA1NBI (General)....

WA1NBI (General)....

Got my Novice in 1969 (WN1IYR) when I was 15...was one of the first to get the (then) "new" 2-year Novice permit.....

No roome here for HF stuff, so pretty much limited to VHF (2m/220/450).....


Transmitting Since 1962...

KA8FVW formerly N8RWJ since 1974.

KNN7431 in 1965, later KBPG0551 on CB.

First Part 15 since 1962 a Remco Caravelle.

SWL since 1957.


Charter Member - Association of Low Power Broadcasters

Member Station - ALPB


Licensed Dec. 7, 1971- -

30 years after Pearl Harbor, oddly

enough.  Age 17.  One of the best

things I ever did.  Novice in 1971,


Technician and then General in

1972.  Advanced in 1973.  Changed

from WA1POI to K1BRK in 1999.

During the big CB craze in the 70s,

I picked up KBJK4953 in 1977.  I

have an extremely soft spot for

CB but ham radio is where the

operating is.  I do 80 meters (3560 kHz)

and 40 metres (7030-7040 kHz) with

simple vintage rigs and QRP (low

power) solid state rigs running about

2 to 10 watts morse code and crystal

control sometimes.  I have made contacts on 40 meters with as little

as 300 miliwatts.  I have a radio for

the local 220 MHz repeater running

24 hours a day.  

This is rapidly turning into an "old radio

place."  The Part 15 set-up goes thru

a bunch of vintage radios now - - the

signal doesn't really leave the property.

And I have been trying to restore an

old Gates broadcast board.  It seems

like that has been going on for about

10 years and will probably take another

10 years until it's done.

AM and FM broadcast band DXing

since 1967.  TV DXing since 

1961 at age 7!






Advanced Class

I would rather be an Advanced than a no-code Extra.

Druid Hills Radio AM-1710- Dade City, FL. Unlicensed operation authorized by the Part 15 Department of the FCC and our Resident Hobby Agent.  


Two years as a ham. Working on my General.  I do it because I like to learn, not because I want to gab. Cheaper than tech college.





Another Ham

First licensed in 1977.  Passed the code tests for 5, 13, and 20 WPM and landed my extra class ticket.

Was active in ARPSC emergency activities and WARN weather watch but am now lightly engaged in this.  Built and operated a 2 meter repeater for backup emergency communications and also for a small club group.

Taught theory for a ham club and proudly count many hams as my former students.

Worked low bands SSB, AM, and RTTY.  Not very active at present.

When a youngster I wanted to be a ham but living in a small rural village there were no resources to learn the code so I put this off until 1977.  To satisfy my need for radio knowledge I began Part 15 AM radio experiments and broadcasting around 1957.  Learned a lot so when I went for the ham license the theory was a snap.



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