Forums as Sinking Landslide Holes

Re-printed by permission of the author-

Vast tons of data get added everyday to these hobby radio forums and slip into a hole moving further and farther down from recovery while we fool ourselves into believing that somehow we are accruing a vast treasure trove of compiled knowledge on our favorite subjects when in fact everything we say and that has previously been said by others is needling in the haystack of compounding tons of data subject always to deletion owing to some other onslaught brought about by run on sentences reaching the point where no English trained person can equip even the smartest student with the capacity to derive from the resulting entropy any semblance of reconstructable or searchable index as to the particulars.


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Any information site needs a white paper or at the least faq site where the same questions asked 101 different ways can be organized cataloged and may I even say saved for future generations of up and coming part 15 guru's...


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meh.. catering to repeated questions is a way of life on any forum. youre swimming against the current.

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I would like to see a wiki for Part 15 set up for this purpose.  I don't know enough about setting one up yet, but I like the Dokuwiki software so far.  Is anyone among us willing to allow a set up on their gear as a server for it?