Let me brag for a minute...

As you may know, I am a college student at Rowan Univeristy studying radio broadcasting. I have been a DJ on Rowan Radio 89.7 WGLS (750 watts of fun!) since November 2015. I host my weekly friday night show called "The Vinyl Frontier" and do our daytime programme when I'm needed to fill in for others who can't make it. During 7am-5pm, we are ran just like any other major commerical station, pre-picked classic hits from the 70s-2000s. At night is when things get fun. 



Rowan Radio 89.7 WGLS-FM was named one of three national finalists for Station of the Year in College Media Association’s Pinnacle Awards competition on Friday.

WGLS-FM joins campus radio stations from Marshall University and West Virginia University as the competition’s other finalists for top four-year college radio station. Rowan Radio was last named a finalist for the same award in 2013.

The Four-Year Radio Station of the Year Award reflects achievement in news and entertainment programming.

The winner will be announced during the Associated Collegiate Press/College Media Association’s annual convention in Dallas beginning on October 25. The Pinnacle Awards honor the best collegiate work in print, broadcast, and online media.

Rowan Radio 89.7 WGLS-FM has won 285 regional and national awards since 1993.


I'm extremely proud to be part of such a recognized radio station, and try to do the absolute best I can each time I go on air. Myself and every other DJ on Rowan Radio are some of the best people I have ever met, and are all incredibly talented on--air hosts and deserve every award we get.


Bragging is now complete. 

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Great you've found what you love to do and can do it for a living....all the best!




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it's great you have a love of the craft like so many of us have.

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The early FCC undertood the importance of "being necessary" when it deemed that radio stations should operate in the "public interest, convenience and necessity". Since that time many radio stations have drifted away from these ideals and become uninteresting, inconvenient and unnecessary.

In our time new leadership is re-establishing the cornerstone values that made radio great in the past, and we are proud to know Atrain Radio and his radio work is making radio necessary again.

And he goes out of his way to make it convenient and interesting.

This isn't just my opinion. I speak for everyone.

Carl Blare

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At WCFI-LP in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio we are privileged to have a show produced and hosted by Atrain.  His prerecorded shows run every night from 11pm to midnight.  A great mix of classic rock and Indie music.

Occasionally, when in the mood, Anthony will do a live 2 hour show usually Sunday night from 10pm to midnight.

I'm proud to say The ALPB helped Anthony early on with his broadcasting issues.



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MRAM is right! The ALPB, since I joined in 2013, has been nothing but helpful and encouraging to me. The pre-reecorded episodes MRAM airs are a bit old now, but that is why I try to go live on WCFI on Sunday nights. Now, with my continued growth at WGLS, I think I will go on to represent a very important sector of current radio; you guys! Us! The hobbyists and part 15'ers. We're all doing radio the way we know it should be, and that is how I do my show on WGLS. It's very much so like how Free Thinker Radio was (and is, with the live shows) unscripted, not held down by a single genre, and completly unique to my taste. If we're not on the cusp of a new era for radio; then I'd be damned. 

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