Only $2800.00 US

Like new meter that we all need.

Affordable?....even if it is, set up, calibration, and knowing how to use is half the battle.




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That's a tough number to justify for Part 15.  I own such test equipment because working as a chief engineer for several stations for 35+ years I actually use the gear in my real work, so not only do I own it, but it's a tax write off as well!

That said, really, for Part 15 FM if you can hear your station 6 block away, you're over the limit. LOL.

Calibration can easily cost as much as this unit costs to buy. I have mine does every three years. Been having it done for many years. However, it's rarely been off by more than .01% in any part of the bands it covers, and in reality that just doesn't matter.  Especially in Part 15, where you can have a change of a substantial amount simply by moving your arm, or standing a foot closer to the machine! You can't even read an analog meter down to 1% let along .01%.  You can get with a working engineer with calibrated equipment and compare readings and determine any error factor and go from there.

Not to hard to learn how to use -- the manual is available online. Th ekey is even small variation in proceedure can lead to a big difference in the readings especially at Part 15 levels.