Phat Beats Radio Now Has A Phone App

My internet radio station Phat Beats Radio now has a phone app.  I am using the free plan with this app it is a little limited what you can do with the app and it is has a lot of ads hey it is free. Just another way to promote my internet radio station. After I set everything up with the site once the app was sent to Apple it took like 3 to 4 days to accept the app Google took like 14 to 16 days to accept the app and Blackberry has not been accept yet who cares about blackberry any way. If you want the link to get your own app to just send me a pm. Android ISO


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So I guess Phat Beats listeners can call the station and be on the radio?

What do your listeners say when they go on the radio?

Carl Blare

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I am just internet for now I do not have a part15 am setup I would have one and get 3 to 3.5 mile range.  Internet stream is down till I get a new wireless router light stike today took out my cb radio atenna and took a few others things one the router.  Antenna pictures

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Stream is back up you can test the app again after replacing a wireless router.