Some Rather Blatant Pirate Radio in Toronto --

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Some Rather Blatant Pirate Radio in Toronto --

And now with a big article in the Toronto Star --

I don't know how enforcement goes up north, but this could lead to trouble:




More Power To Him

I approve of his choice of 88.5 FM, one of those frequencies that appear on many receivers but are usually unused.

If I was a pirate I'd do what he's doing.

Carl Blare

Reply to Timinbovey

Wo!!!.....I am in Toronto as you may or my not know......Didn't know I actually got a write up in the paper!!!!!........JUST's not me. But I am going to go to Parkdale and check this out.

Wonder if he's actually legal with RSS-210 or BETS-1 signal levels. Remember we are allowed more(a little more) power on FM than part 15. Like I said, I will check this out and report what I find or hear.

With a write up he may get more attention then he'd like but if legal within RSS-210 the only illegal thing is 87.5 which is outside the legal unlicenced range of 88.1 to 107.9

Maybe I can meet this guy? who knows but I will check this out for sure.

Why can't I get a write up in the paper about my LEGAL unlicensed station and get some listeners to check me out in my area!




Well, I looked at google maps

Well, I looked at google maps to attempt to determine his coverage.  It's about a 300 meter radius or so, which is not likely to a handheld radio with a legal setup (although to be fair, we don't know what kind of handheld radio was used in the range testing).

So, yes, he's probably 'technically' illegal (that's as bad as calling someone 'sort of pregnant') in terms of field strength.  His frequency of choice makes him definitely illegal, whether it's for BETS or RSS123.  And he's definitely not RSS123 (licensed or even compliant), as he's unabashedly running a broadcasting endeavor, which is not allowed under those sets of rules.  That's why RSS123 specifies a carefully delinated transmission area, usually a public space or private property (such as an arena) - Industry Canada & the CRTC doesn't consider transmitting to that area as broadcasting. [That's also why I'm taking my time contacting Industry Canada about my Osprey Village Information Service, as I want to present it in the best possible light to get it approved]

Industry Canada definitely will shut him down (or at the very least pay him a visit) at some point.  Particularly if someone complains.  And agreeing to that article was pretty stupid (in my opinion) since he is operating on an illegal frequency (and likely with illegal field strength).  There's also no way he's using an Industry Canada certified transmitter on that 87.5 Mhz, which is another no-no here.

By the way, I've learned that just because a newspaper calls you a pirate, you aren't necessarily one.  When I was operating out of Bowen Island, the Province (one of the 2 large Vancouver area newspapers) ran an article on the station.  They wanted to call me a pirate too (I guess they felt it was kind of cool and sexy).  I had to stress that I was operating legally, under Industry Canada and CRTC BETS rules.  And even then, there was an Industry Canada truck on the island within a month after my interview ran.

He's probably illegal...

Illegal technically because a certified transmitter(Decade or Broadcastvision) doesn't go to 87.5 but if he's on the, say, 7th floor of a building he would have good line of site to an area around and a lot of population even for a couple of blocks around.

Next Thursday I will check this out....OH..OH... just realized my car radio only goes to 87.7 and is very selective so wouldn't get it, but my portable sony ICF-506 goes to 87.5 and I will report what I hear.




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