Tower Light Size

Those radio tower lights look pretty small when you're driving by...

Here's the light from the top of one of our towers that's been replaced. It's sitting next to a 5 gallon water jug for reference.

Big suckers!


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Before tha days of solid-state flasher units.....a couple of stations I worked for had a motor-operated cam that opened and closed a momentary contact switch.....voila!! A "flashing" top beacon!!:)

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It reminds me of something.

While not exactly the same - - it

reminds me of some beautiful boat

running lights my dad bought back when I

was in high school.  The boat running

lights came from a junk store and ran

on 28 volts.  Except he didn't have a boat

and he had nothing that would produce

28 volts.  

Best Wishes  - - still out here --

Brooce Part 15 Hartford 


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Yeah but how many gallons of water can that tower light hold :)


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andre_pro20g asks:  "Yeah but how many gallons of water can that tower light hold?"

Why water?

How about beer?

Carl Blare