WRCR NY Starting on 1700 kHz Mon. July 13

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WRCR just killed the best Part 15 frequency in the Northeast

This is bad, BAD news for any Part 15 operator on 1700 in New England and the Mid Atlantic states. How in the world did this station get approved to move to an X-band frequency with X-band power levels at this point in time???? What type of special connections do they have at the FCC? I just searched through the FCC database and I couldn't find ANY evidence of their application to move to 1700. Yet, all the engineering data for 1700 kHz operation is there. What's it going to take, a FOIA request from a high powered attorney to find out when they applied and who at the agency "approved" this application for a class of station and frequency that is suppose to be no longer available for licensed, full power stations?

Here in North Central Massachusetts, WRCR's new nighttime signal at 1700 is overwhelming. They have reduced the nighttime range of one of my stations, Troubadour 1700, to about 1000 feet. Since my other Part 15 station, Liberty & Justice 1640, is also in the x-band, there are no other X-band frequencies to use. My station's branding and website,, has been around for 11 years. I had just embarked upon an effort to find several additional transmitter sites in downtown areas around my region to finally get the two stations in a position where they can attract enough advertising and listener support to create a tiny business. All of that is ruined now, thanks to yet another useless pop station that no one is going to search for on the AM band. How many other licensed AM's on crowded frequencies throughout the Northeast would have jumped at an opportunity for an upgrade to 1700 khz had they known it would be available? Am I pissed off right now? You bet I am! This is WRONG! It is totally unfair and the behavior of the FCC in this situation is inexcusable.    

I bet a car AM receiver would

I bet a car AM receiver would pick it up better.

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I heard it down in Jersey

I heard it down in Jersey today.

So much for using 1700 here. :/


2:20 AM 7/15

I culd hear it on my Sony Boombox.  I could tell they were playing A Flock Of Seagulls and some Journey too.  Not too bad of a station.  The boombox has fair AM reception.  I'm willing to bet down here a car Radio would really sound great.

Progressive Rock (Album Rock, Deep Tracks), Classic Rock

More Power for Hobby Broadcasters

Hi Guys

Mr. fjockey, I had seen your beautiful

website some time ago.  Actually, it's been

quite a while since I have seen it. 

Because of life's trials and

tribulations, I don't think I have even

heard your station's stream, sorry about

that.  I remember from long ago, you had

mentioned the station on 1120 in Concord, MA(?)

I was staying in Gardiner, MA for a time (about 1988,) and heard

the Concord 1120 station.  They were GREAT.  I'm not as

sharp as I used to be (that's for sure) I don't remember

the callsign.  In those days, I was going back and forth

between Gardiner, MA and Newington, CT.  There was

(still is) an 1120 in CT about 10 miles from here.  Back

then, it wrecked my chance to hear the Concord 1120,

although it's pattern might not have favored my direction.

Seems to me like you've gotten a lot done in the Part 15

world (a lot more than me) I hope you will find a happy

outcome for yourself and your listeners. 

Bruce, very cool about the old radio and the HOMEMADE loop

that's the way to go, man!  I am a minimalist and like using

older equipment, bringing it back to life and having fun with it.

I have a loop here, that has a variable cap and is on a wooden

frame.  I used to use it with a Hammarlund HQ-140X.  What a

combination.  The things it could hear!

With my eyes, it's hard to go back and see the comments from

you guys again.  John (or is it Jon) , thank you for the information, I wish

you could come over and show me how to get onto some of these

really good official sites.

Yeah, WRCR had been on 1300 khz - 500w day and 83(?) watts night.

I don't know what happened.

To the guy in New Jersey, that's

cool you reported the reception.  

My eyes are too shot to go back and

see your name, I'm sorry.

So for medical reasons,  we have to leave

our house and find an apartment.

This blew away my chances of getting back on

Part 15 with a good set-up - however it also

might blow away my chance to be a monitoring

station (AM DX, SWL, whatever) - if there is tons

of computer noise, etc etc. 

However, I have told some people that I am

prepared to put a receiver in the car at night

and transmit whatever I am monitoring back

to the inside of the apartment.  It sounds

outlandish, but I will do it if I have to.  I tend

to monitor a channel (whatever it is) for hours

at a time, so this works for me.  I have already

done it, except the receiver was in the backyard

and not in the car.  A challenge.  And it works. 

I started doing it years ago when I DXed the

longwave BC band (153 to 279 kHz) - there was

no way the radio could be in the house.  I heard

a lot of things.  My favorite longwave broadcaster

was Iceland on 189 kHz.  What a great station.

I'm determined to still be a DX listener anyway.

I hope I got all of this right and responded to the

right people about the right things.

It's 0340 local EDT here.  I was supposed to

just take the dogs out.  Then I got on here.

Hey, were's Carl?  It's 0240 local in St. Louis.

I bet Carl is up recording a "Blare On Air" or

something.  I don't think he ever really sleeps.

If you haven't heard the WWV like time clock he

has on the KDX stream overnight (most nights

during the week) check it out, it's a blast.  KDX

is a very mysterious station - in that - there are

so many different things to hear - I'm not even

close to figuring out what they all are yet. 

Carl is probably out in the backyard with a mike

getting ready to record the "predawn bird songs"

with his wireless mike or something like that. 

Then he will mix that audio with a classical piece

that's in Creative Commons and the birds will

sue him for using their audio!   I'm going back to bed. 

This place is great!



Feel free to edit any of my posts

To the great guys who edit the site:

Sometimes I joke around too much.

I completely support any editing of my

posts that you guys want to do. 

Best Wishes,



Passing in the Night

Brooce we visited the website about the same time, it was during the 2 AM CDT hour that I checked in during intermission at The Sleep Stage.

Recording birds is a very delicate business since the experience one summer when recording the shrill song of a male cardinal declaring his exclusive territory and warning other male cardinals to keep flying if they knew what was good for them.

We made the mistake of playing back the song right there on the patio.

Knowing nothing about recording, the cardinal believed he was hearing an invading male and went berserk flying around trying to fight with the trespasser.

Be careful where you play your bird recordings.

I checked 1700 kHz and now conclude that all I can get is Des Moines.

Carl Blare

reply to post #32


Believe me when I say, I agree with you 110%


Reading Around

Other forums have picked up on this WRCR 1700 kHz story, but Brooce MICRO 1690/1700 posted the story here one week before anyone else talked about it, so I think they all read the story here.

On two forums I read conflicting information.... one of them said that WRCR is simulcasting on their old 1300 kHz frequency and their new 1700 kHz, but someone else posted that they could only run one of their transmitters at a time.

Noting that the installing engineer for WRCR is Tom Ray, expect to hear a future "This Week in Radio Tech" featuring the story, because Tom Ray appears regularly on TWiRT.

Carl Blare

I know it's bad but..

I really dig this radio station. I love their mix, and they blast away here at night in Haddin Heights, NJ. Believe me, I feel bad for the part 15'ers who ran on 1700, but let us not forget that we are not, and might never be, top priorirty to the FCC.

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In my opinion, TIS stations

In my opinion, TIS stations could pose more of a threat to Part 15 use of 1620-1700kHz than currently licensed AM stations moving into the expanded band. There are only so many AM stations that could move to the expanded band. On the other hand, new TIS’s can come on the air and apparently it is possible to get a TIS licensed with a taller antenna and larger service area than the TIS rules generally allow.
For example,

I think the take away is we need to watch public notices for TIS waiver requests.

Think Government

TIS (Traffic Information Stations) are available to government entities.

The smallest governmental unit is the family.

All of us constitute a family unit, even one person is a family of one.

I am thinking about applying for a TIS license to cover my driveway traffic and nearby street parking.

My place is also a campus, but that's a different section of the rules.

Carl Blare


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