Operation on 1710 - Reminder

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Operation on 1710 - Reminder

The field strength of any emission within the band 1.705-10.0 MHz shall not exceed 100 microvolts/meter at a distance of 30 meters. However, if the bandwidth of the emission is less than 10% of the center frequency, the field strength shall not exceed 15 microvolts/meter or (the bandwidth of the device in kHz) divided by (the center frequency of the device in MHz) microvolts/meter at a distance of 30 meters, whichever is the higher level. For the purposes of this section, bandwidth is determined at the points 6 dB down from the modulated carrier. The emission limits in this paragraph are based on measurement instrumentation employing an average detector. The provisions in § 15.35(b) for limiting peak emissions apply.

(b) The field strength of emissions outside of the band 1.705-10.0 MHz shall not exceed the general radiated emission limits in § 15.209.

It Works As Expected

I've been doing all that for awhile and enjoy my signal on 1710 kHz, content in the knowledge that it is perfectly legal according to an average detector.

Carl Blare

As opposed to Quasi-Peak!

As opposed to Quasi-Peak!

Druid Hills Radio AM-1710- Dade City, FL. Unlicensed operation authorized by the Part 15 Department of the FCC and our Resident Hobby Agent.  

The Lynch Touch

DHR opines:  "Quasi-Peak!"

Yes, it's one of the best series on TV.

Everything David Lynch does is great!

Carl Blare

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