Pirate in Toronto

Well according to this article:https://www.thestar.com/news/gta/2017/08/30/pirate-radio-artist-broadcas.........

I am in Toronto and today(Thurs. Sept 7) I went to the area of Parkdale mentioned in the article to check this out.

I was there at 7PM and was right at Marion st. and Roncesvalles where the reporter was recieving the broadcast and moved around a bit.

Article said he is on the air at 7 to 11PM Thursdays but after an hour NOTHING on 87.5 where he is supposed to be!

My guess, it didn't take long to get busted as he seemed to be thinking he was OK and was "under the radar" but after a write up in the most read paper in the country he was no longer under the radar! Industry Canada(ISED) agents also read the paper and it wouldn't take long to pay him a visit from a Toronto office.

He may not have thought, as it seemed in the article, that he was not illegal thinking 87.5 wasn't interfering with anything but we all know that that has nothing to do with being legal or not.

Well, so much for that but I would have liked to hear what the broadcast was like.





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We know the "pirate's" name... Andrew O'Connor. Maybe he can be located by telephone.

And Mark, as a credentialed news reporter from the ALPB you could interview him and post your findings in the ALPB News Column with re-prints here at part15_us.

It's a fact, all ALPB members are sworn in as news reporters. It's just never been mentioned before.

Carl Blare