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A few days ago I contacted Bill Baker at ISS about any new Part 15 products. He said that they were coming out with a better designed Antenna Tuning Unit. If anyone here wants to be added to an email list that's he's compiling please contact him at:

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That's good news.  The ATU makes the Talking House's signal competitive with the Big Boys (the Rangemaster & the ProCaster).  When I had a Talking House/ATU combination installed side by side with a ProCaster, the range difference was negligible.

If it's priced right, the combination would provide strong competition to those much more expensive transmitters.

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I wonder if you'd be able to buy the "new ATU" by itself, or if you'd have to buy a new transmitter alongside it?

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If they're smart, the answer would be Yes.

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From what I can ascertain from Bill, yes you will be able to purchase the ATU as a stand-alone.

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