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Outdoor enclosure

Does anyone have a source for an outdoor enclosure with integrated antenna like the one that the Chez Procaster uses? Thanks.

The Known Unknown

Jim, I actually have an outdoor enclosure that would be exactly what you want, but am completely in the dark about where you'd find one.

The "Outdoor Version" of the LPB TCU-30 Carrier Current Coupler came in such an enclosure, but it wasn't intended for carrier current use per se, it was the exact same coupler re-purposed for the Traffic Information Outdoor Type Antenna Coupling with a 3-meter whip out of the top of the box.

I got mine on e-Bay a few years ago and have never seen another one before or since.

I have examined the box for a clues about its supplier, but the only identifications attribute it to LPB, which has been out of business for many years.

If I find a picture of it I'll display it so you can know what you're looking for.

Carl Blare


Thanks Carl. Now it's not just a "nice to have" but a must have". Today, before going out and installing the 5000 in the enclosure at the base of my fiberglass, it dawned on me that I had never confirmed it was waterproof as claimed.. I took all the electronics out and brought the empty enclosure in and ran it under water in my kitchen sink, being careful not to expose the bottom which has the foam slots for cable. I then dried the entire thing on the outside, then opened it up. There was plenty of water inside.  So I am on hold again.

Jim Henry HBR Radio 1610, serving Honey Brook, PA. and NW Chester County.

Grim News

The bad reports on outdoor enclosures counts for KDX, too, because we are slowly fucusing attention on a prime spot 100' back in the woodland where, at least according to the present plan, our second AMT5000 will be housed.

I am thinking of Barry's solution at Blue Bucket Radio in Kenticky, putting his vital equipment underneath an upside-down bucket and running all wires into the opening underneath.

I don't plan to use a whip, but even if I did there are whip mount brackets (I think) which could be mounted in our case to a bamboo supporting pole, since our tower will consist of a 3-legged bamboo tripod anchored in concrete boots.

The Traffic Information Station installations use some kind of outdoor enclosures. I'll go looking at the ISS website (Information Station Specialists).

Carl Blare

Roll your own.. NEMA outdoor

Roll your own.. NEMA outdoor electrical box from home depot and a "Hershey kiss" cb antenna mount from local cb shop or truck stop. 102" cb whip will screw right in for simplicity.



Many years ago I started a community wireless project to share Internet with my neighbors.  I put a residential access point in a Tupperware container and mounted it on the roof on top of a 10' mast on a 3' tripod.  I never had any problems with water ingress. Unfortunately while that was fine with 2 4" antennas, it will not support a 102" whip.

Jim Henry HBR Radio 1610, serving Honey Brook, PA. and NW Chester County.

Hershey kiss

Any more detail on the Hershey Kiss? I went to a local truck stop and bought a couple different mounts but none would work in my setup wanting the antenna mounted to the enclosure, plus the antenna stresses and cracked the outdoor encloure which was plastic.

Jim Henry HBR Radio 1610, serving Honey Brook, PA. and NW Chester County.

these are the mounts i'm

these are the mounts i'm talking about..

you can get them in different footprint sizes. they are designed to thru hole mount antennas to vehicle roofs and such. on the bottom side is a big toothed washer that is intended to bite into metal. in your case i'd replace that with a flat fender washer as the teeth may break the palstic box. get the biggest footprint size you can find as that will better distribute antenna stress. dont forget to run a bead of silicone on base of mount to keep water out of box.

there are also springs intended for these mounts that allow antenna to move and high winds and not put so much stress on mount. the spring and mount may put you over 3m rule so just trim excess offf top of antenna.

Amazon carries decent NEMA

Amazon carries decent NEMA enclosures too. 





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