Part15 Radio Station Listings

Listings of Part 15 stations.
This is our list of user-contributed Part 15, Low Power Stations in the US and around the world. ALL station listings are moderated and need to be checked before they are published so there is sometimes a delay before a listing is publicly viewable. Thanks for your patience, and thanks for your support!


Station Name Frequency Genre State/Province Country
WCRP 1620 AM Variety Pennsylvania United States
WTMU Internet Music New Jersey United States
1680AM 1680 AM Electronic Music, Electronica, Jazz, Latin American, Hardcore, Local News, Weather, Variety Indiana United States
WDXD-LP Big D Country 1610 AM Christian Music, Country, Honky Tonk, Outlaw Country, Variety Florida United States
1640 AM 1640 AM, Internet Variety Virginia United States
2FT 1710 AM Local News New South Wales Australia
KBSG 1630 AM Oldies Washington United States
1650am 1650 AM Edgy Talk New York United States
Phat FM Band Urban Texas United States
WHHR 1680 AM Alternative Kentucky United States
WXEY 99.7 FM Variety Indiana United States
92.9 fm 92.7 FM Classic Rock Iowa United States
Troubadour 1710 1710 AM, 97.9 FM, Internet Folk, New Age Massachusetts United States
The Voice 1710 AM Edgy Talk Oregon United States
1610 AM 1610 AM Urban Arizona United States
LCR 1610 AM Variety Washington United States
Revoradio Alternative Arkansas United States
KOOL 650 AM Oldies Washington United States
WHAV 1640 AM Oldies Massachusetts United States
92.9fm 92.9 FM Classic Rock Iowa United States
4KHJ Oldies
RTR 1700 AM Variety Maine United States
KWML 106.9 FM Classical Louisiana United States
Free Radio London 1630 AM, 95.7 FM Misc United States
LIVEWIRE MUSIC NETWORK Internet Country, Dance Music, Oldies, Rock, Classic Rock, Hard Rock, R&B, Rap, Old-Time Radio, Talk West Virginia United States