Part15 Radio Station Listings

Listings of Part 15 stations.
This is our list of user-contributed Part 15, Low Power Stations in the US and around the world. ALL station listings are moderated and need to be checked before they are published so there is sometimes a delay before a listing is publicly viewable. Thanks for your patience, and thanks for your support!


Station Name Frequency Genre State/Province Country
92.3 / KJLE The Rock! Internet, 92.3 FM Heavy Metal Oklahoma United States
All The Oldies 99.5 FM 99.5 FM Oldies Florida United States
The Mix 103.3 103.3 FM Classic Rock Michigan United States
87.9 FM - Playing The Northern New Jersey's Variety of Oldies, Mix Hits, and Talk Radio ! 87.9 FM Variety New Jersey United States
LakeShoreRadio 91.5 FM Old-Time Radio Michigan United States
RKP Radio 1710 AM, Internet Christian Music, Gospel Pennsylvania United States
Radio Victoria En Cristo 1710 AM Gospel Puerto Rico
Radio Independent Voice 1630 AM Variety Massachusetts United States
Revoradio 104.1 Fm / 2nd To None Boradcasting Network,LLC Internet, 104.1 FM Alternative Arkansas United States
furia latina 1690 am tropical 1690 AM Latin American Connecticut United States
Radio Free Eureka 1680 AM Variety Minnesota United States
Seven Sorrows Radio AM 1650 1650 AM Christian Music Indiana United States
K-LNJ AM 1610 1610 AM Alternative California United States
WKCB RADIO 104.5FM Kigdoom Broadcasting Network Inc.. 104.5 FM, Internet Gospel Connecticut United States
Lighthouse Community Christian Radio 1710 AM, Internet Christian Music United States
Radio-All Solar Radio, Even at Night! 92.1 FM, 880 AM Country, Classic Rock, Old-Time Radio Missouri United States
YCDB 87.7 FM, 1250 AM Variety Georgia United States
Big Joe Radio WJRB-DB Variety North Carolina United States
WMQL 102.9 FM, 105.5 FM NOAA, Public Service, Music, Christian Music, Gospel, Country, Bluegrass, Honky Tonk, Outlaw Country, Jazz, Oldies, Rock, Classic Rock, Light Rock, Contemporary Rock, Old-Time Radio, Talk, Christian Talk, News, Local News, Weather, World News, Variety North Carolina United States
Radio Sausalito Jazz California United States
Radio MPT 1630, AM Christian Music Massachusetts United States
Beautiful Music Radio Music Louisiana United States
Underground Radio 87.9 FM New Wave Ohio United States
Bay Ridge Radio 1630 AM Classic Rock New York United States
Truth Talk Radio AM 1000, 92.5, and 103.3 FM 1000, 92.5, 103.3 FM Edgy Talk Virginia United States