Part15 Radio Station Listings

Listings of Part 15 stations.
This is our list of user-contributed Part 15, Low Power Stations in the US and around the world. ALL station listings are moderated and need to be checked before they are published so there is sometimes a delay before a listing is publicly viewable. Thanks for your patience, and thanks for your support!


Station Name Frequency Genre State/Province Country
Truth Talk Radio AM 1000, 92.5, and 103.3 FM 1000, 92.5, 103.3 FM Edgy Talk Virginia United States
WHAR 92.9 FM Variety New Jersey United States
Oldies WMRK 90.7 Oldies Canada
WTXQ-FM 97.1 FM Misc, Music, Rock, Variety Washington United States
The Kick 1670 AM, 104.1 FM Music Arizona United States
KDSX - Sunny 1670 1670 AM Oldies, Classic Rock, Variety Texas United States
KDSX Worldwide 13.560 MHz 13.560 MHz Classic Rock Texas United States