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BroadcastVision FM Transmitter Questions

Hello all Hope you all are having a good summer. Well I had some rich blood in me so to speak and I saw the Broadcast Vision Transmitters on e bay and decided to get one. I got the metal black 3001 version. It is very small and a nice unit! I put it up in my closet on the top self hooked the wall wort up....put it in mono and turned it on. I drove around my block and was blown away by the reception.

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Dipole wire

hello guys

what sort of dipole sire or element should i use for a good working dipole
it would be good if you could show me some pics too


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Now there's a radio station that cares about it's listeners by playing what they want to hear and only what they want to hear. It makes no difference if you like Country, Pop, Rock, Rap or Oldies we've got you covered. We are a "Format Free" radio station which means we're not tied down to playlists that are faxed from the big broadcasting companies like Emmis, Clear Channel and others. We believe the airwaves are public domain therefore the public should have a say in what they want to hear on their radios.

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