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1690 AM

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AM Broadcast Station - - 1 Watt Night Time Power

We had been talking about AM stations
with really low night time power
authorizations a while back.

I stumbled upon a weird one. There
is a WDGR that is 10 kW day, 2.5 kW

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Not Part 15, But Check This Post Out: Weird, Daring, And Tricky Mars Probe To Try To Land Tonite

I LOVE space travel and aviation in
general. I think we are all sort of
"scientists" here, hence this post.

And it's REALLY FUNNY that I did not
know about this until my wife told me.

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A Purpose

This is kind of a funny little
thing, but for the first time,
I feel as if my little station
has a purpose.

Right now it is 250 uV per meter
@ 3 meters on 90.9 MHz as per 15.239.

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"Emergency, Emergency! Everybody to get from street!

"Emergency, emergency! Everybody to get from street!

(Oh, here's comes Carl Reiner.)

(I guess the movie's about half over...)

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Low Power Hour #39 Is Out!!

Hi Guys!

I was over looking at Carl's
KDX radio website.

Low Power Hour #39 is out!

I haven't heard it yet, but
from his description, it looks
like it's a really good show.