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February 15, 2011 - 15:16

Andrew Bentley; Semi-Charter Member - Association of Low Power Broadcasters Magic 1680 AM-Sherman,Texas KDSX-LPAM, Proudly Serving West Central Grayson County Since October, 13 2007!

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Oct 10, 2016 Coming Back Soon

well my adventures in part 15 radio, and my legendary part 15 station KDSX-The Radiator and mysel

Dec 27, 2014 KDSX 2007-2014 RIP

due to constant threats received from emails about my part 15 radio station, ham radio cars drivi

May 15, 2014 update from kdsx personal and radio statements

heres an update, equipment upgrade is 99% complete, still waiting on the am and fm transmitters,

Sep 20, 2013 getting back to normal (new streaming address and new equipment)

things are somewhat getting back to normal, streaming computer and online kdsx streaming is fixed

Aug 03, 2013 need some part 15 and part 73 low power advice

i need some advice regarding my new LPFM and my original part 15, should i both keep them going o