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Jun 18, 2012 The Final Day Of The Crow

Well The Day has come, Today (June 8th)is the final day of The Crow.

Apr 23, 2012 Some Good Ol' Crow Retooling

Well, after some major tweaks and chirps and nest building,
The Crow has started re-tooling it's playlist.

Mar 06, 2012 AAC Gold!

I believe I have struck GOLD!
I have discovered the beauty of AAC encoding!
My 32 kbps AAC stream sounds just as good as my 128 kbps MP3!

Feb 28, 2012 The KQRO Scam Letters

We all have received them, some wild email from The other side of the world talking about how you can get a percantage of $100 Million for giving out your bank account number.

Dec 16, 2011 Variety AM 1640 Gone

I've noticed the website has been gone for a while,